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Fantastic summer days out around Morlaix Bay

You've booked your holiday, you're counting down the days, so what are you going to explore? Here are some ideas for you to look forward to once you're over in north Brittany!... Read more

Explore Brittany's maritime heritage at these great events and festivals

The lifeblood of Brittany has always been its connection to the sea so come help celebrate the region's maritime heritage and traditions at some of the big nautical festivals happening this summer... Read more

Go on a medieval adventure in Rouen: life at war with the English!

With the recent opening of the captivating, new Gothic Rouen exhibition at the Panorama XXL, it's time to put medieval Rouen in focus... Read more

Best D-Day sites to visit with the kids

If you're taking a family holiday in Normandy this year, here are some brilliant D-Day sites and museums that are child-friendly - so you can sneak in some educational fun for little ones!... Read more

A unique perspective: new museum opens in Normandy about civilian life in wartime France

The Mémorial des Civils dans la Guerre, the Memorial of Civilians in Wartime, opened in Falaise on 9th May 2016 and is a unique new museum looking at the lives of civilians in France under the German Occupation, during the Allied Liberation and in the aftermath of the war... Read more

10 locations from Shakespeare's plays in France and Spain

The 400th anniversary celebrations have put Shakespeare and his plays back in the spotlight. But what about the real locations of his plays? Whilst you might immediately think of destinations in the UK and Italy, Shakespeare also used locations in France and Spain as the backdrop for some of his great works... Read more

Whale and dolphin sightings from our ships with ORCA: April update

Our new ORCA Wildlife Officers have had a bumper April spotting 665 whales and dolphins - including dolphins playing in the bow wave of a huge fin whale just metres from the ship!... Read more

An expert's guide to motorhome travel in France

Considering taking your motorhome to France or hiring one there but not sure what to expect? Read this expert's guide to motorhome travel in France... Read more