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Bretagne's Panto is Genie-us!

On 26th July, Bretagne's panto season began, with Aladdin making a welcome return to the stage of the Gwenn Ha Du bar on deck 8.

Happy Birthday Bill Millin

The 92nd anniversary of the birth of an extraordinary man.

Like a Bat out of Britain

Now, the name Nathusius' pipistrelles may not mean much to you or me, but in the bat community this little fella has been making waves...

Spots or Stripes

Most people will be familiar with the images of Allied planes with black and white stripes, but not all will know of the significance. Our Entertainment and Specialist Retail Manager, John Harrison, whose uncle was involved in the painting of the planes tells us the story behind them.

70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings

On the 6th June 1944 nearly 160,000 troops landed on the beaches of Normandy. The Allies, Britain, Canada and the United States, had been planning an invasion for two years. The crossing of the English Channel with an invasion force was a monumental challenge and the biggest sea-borne invasion in military history.