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Our top 10 UNESCO sites in Western France

France is currently home to 38 World Heritage Sites that have made their way onto UNESCO's list and, in our favourite regions of Western France, UNESCO has listed some truly remarkable places and buildings... Read more

Tragic tales and anarchic oddballs: finding 8 fascinating French poets in Brittany and Normandy

In honour of World Poetry Day, here are 8 amazing poets who lived in Brittany and Normandy. How many of them have you heard of?... Read more

Where to go shopping in and around Roscoff

Want some delicious French cider to take home or in need of a stripy cover-up for a chilly day? Discover some of the best shops in and around Roscoff to get a real taste of Brittany and Breton culture... Read more

Our top 10 wineries and Cognac distilleries in Western France

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or just enjoy having a glass or two now and then, a visit to a winery whilst in Western France is a must. Not just somewhere to appreciate wine, French wineries are often housed inside beautiful chateaux that have been owned by winemaking families for generations... Read more

Our top 10 chateaux in France

France is home to a huge range of chateaux - from former Royal residences and stately homes where leisure and sophistication were the order of the day, to fortified medieval castles that were built to defend their lands from invaders... Read more

Timeless classics: great historical sites near Roscoff

One of France's great skills is making you feel like you've stepped back in time, especially in quiet moments exploring Brittany. If you're arriving in or leaving from Roscoff, here are some great sites nearby, where you will feel transported to another era... Read more

Who fancies an impressionist road trip along Normandy's stunning Alabaster Coast?

Everyone knows of Dover's stunning white cliffs in the UK but did you know that France has its own version? The home of impressionist art, it is the striking cliffs of the Alabaster Coast that feature in so many works by Monet, Boudin, Pissarro and more... Read more

Explore mystical Brittany: a land of myths and legends

Brittany's landscape has mesmerised many writers and artists and it's no wonder that such a captivating landscape has spawned so many local folkloric stories too. What places should you visit to uncover the region's most beguiling myths and legends?... Read more