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D-Day 70th anniversary events in Normandy

Remembrance and celebration of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy

The events of 6 June 1944 and the months that followed are some that should never be forgotten. Many events are planned to remember the lives lost during the Normandy Landings and the battle of Normandy, and to celebrate the victories won in the fight for freedom against Nazi tyranny.

Below is a list of the main events of the D-Day 70th anniversary that are taking place across Normandy. More information about the commemorations and events being hosted in Normandy for the anniversary can be found at

To discover more about D-Day and the liberation of Normandy, take a look at our new D-Day guide and infographic.

Exhibition Juno Beach Centre

From February to December - Juno Beach Centre

Courseulles sur Mer This exhibition recreates the wartime experiences of children in Normandy and Canada in 1944.

A travelling exhibition

From March to October - Calvados

A travelling photographic exhibition in 14 towns and villages of Calvados to commemorate the sacrifice made by the civilian population during the Battle of Normandy.

Through a child's eyes

1 April to 30 September - Festyland photo exhibition

This exhibition looks at the lives of children during the war through 20 giant photos, 175cm x 120cm in size, displayed on giant easels. The focus of the exhibition is on the positive aspects of children's lives during WW2 rather than on the ruin and destruction so often seen in images of the war.

Prayer and Bell of Peace and Liberty

April 26th - Bayeux Cathedral

The new bell of Bayeux Cathedral, weighing 1100kg or 1 ton, was cast to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day in 2014 and it will be exhibited in the cathedral until June. Interdenominational service in the presence of scouts from all the Allied countries and Germany.

Cherbourg.... And freedom came from the sea

From April to September - Cité de la Mer Cherbourg

This exhibition of images shows the work of the American troops the day after the liberation of the port of Cherbourg, and the rebuilding of the road and railway network which made Cherbourg an essential supply centre during the Liberation.

Jazz band

May 10th - Ouistreham

The Ouistreham Jazz Big Band made of up 18 musicians in the tradition of American Big Bands, pays tribute to Glenn Miller.

Reconstruction of a camp

May 10th and 11th - Château du Taillis Duclair

Reconstruction of American, English, French and German camps in the château grounds with over 250 soldiers.


Tour May 8th, June 8th, July 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th, August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th, September 7th - Cape Fagnet Fécamp

The blockhouses of Cape Fagnet bear witness to the Atlantic Wall erected starting in 1942. A slideshow will show the extent of the defences erected on the coast around Fécamp. Visit of the "German military hospital" via a woodland path.

Civilian life during The Second World War around Falaise

From May to September - Falaise

An exhibition focussed on daily civilian life in the area around Falaise during the Occupation and during the fighting for the Liberation.

Reconstruction of an Allied camp

From June 4th to 9th - Carentan

Reconstruction of an Allied camp from The Second World War. Exhibition of military, civilian and agricultural equipment of the time, musical entertainment, procession of vehicles, various exhibition workshops rediscovering the daily life of soldiers and civilians.

Parachute re-enactments by Dakotas over Normandy

4 June to 9 June - various locations in Normandy

The Dakotas over Normandy parachutists are an international team who will be recreating the airborne assault on Normandy, using wartime DC-3 Dakota aircraft and the parachutists themselves include serving military and come from the UK, Europe & USA.

Coastal fireworks

June 5th - 24 D-Day Landing Beach towns

24 major firework displays synchronised between all the 24 main sites of The D-Day Landings.

Concert for Freedom

From June 5th to 9th - Caen - Ste Mère Eglise, Sées, Lisieux, Cherbourg

A musical evening with the regional orchestra of Lower Normandy including 150 young musicians. The work interpreted will beThe Mass for Peace, composed by Karl-William Jenkins. It will be illustrated with images from the archives of Caen Memorial.

D-Day Ultra Trail

From June 6th to 8th - D-Day Landing Beaches

ULTRA TRAIL (running marathon either solo or in a 5 relay team) of 100 miles linking the 5 D-Day Landing Beaches : Utah Beach - Omaha Beach - Gold Beach - Juno Beach - Sword Beach

Show "They didn't know it was impossible...."

From June 6th to 8th - Site of The Merville Gun Battery

Large historical fresco in four parts following the construction of the gun battery, its functioning, the eventful arrival of Rommel just a few days before the D-Day Landings, and the training of British parachutists before the victorious but tragic assault.

Procession of military vehicles

June 7th - Grandcamp-Maisy & Isigny-sur-Mer

Jeeps, Dodges, GMC, as well as heavy equipment such as tanks, Diamonds, or Wreckers will be part of a procession through the streets of Grandcamp-Maisy and Isigny sur mer.

Giant picnic

June 7th - Omaha Beach - St Laurent sur Mer

The picnic on this iconic beach is another tribute for the men who fought for our freedom. Started in 2005, it brings together more than 1500 people of every generation and nationality each year.

Major model aircraft enthusiast event

June 7th and 8th - Regional model aircraft club, Creully

Major air show with many flying model aircraft on the theme of "Aircraft of June 6th". On show there will be 12 Typhoons on a 1/5th scale, 7 DC3s with a 5 metre wingspan, and a C47 with an 8.2 metre wingspan as well as gliders on the same scale.

Liberation Tattoo

From June 7th to 9th - Caen

Zenith Military Music Festival bringing together about 650 French, Belgian, Canadian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, British, American and German musicians.

International parachuting

June 8th - La Fière Major military and civilian parachute drops

Several nationalities will be present at the historic site of La Fière in Sainte-Mère-Eglise (drop zone in 1944) - American, French, German, Dutch, British.

"The Lights of Freedom"

Meet at the Cathedral From June 14th to September 14th - Bayeux Cathedral

A spectacular walk around the cathedral on the theme of Freedom. A dramatic account in light, colour, music, special effects and giant projected images....

Open air screenings

One evening per week from July 1st to August 31st - Various sites around Trévieres

One evening a week to see or resee archive films or films linked with The Second World War.

Exhibition of a Panther tank and German motorcycles

From August 9th to 17th - Mont-Ormel

Exhibition of the first tank of modern design: the Panther. On the weekend of August 16th and 17th, about thirty motorcycles, authentic survivors of the war will be on show.

Major musical event

August 22nd and 23rd - Quai des Arts, Argentan

A major musical event with choirs and an orchestra against a backdrop of film images has been specially created by The Orne Department.

Special Events Day

August 23rd - Throughout the site of Mont-Ormel

Conferences, exhibitions of old equipment and cultural events will take place in the villages on the battle field of Mont-Ormel.