Fundación Archivo de Indianos

Attractions and places of interest

Indianos is a name given to those who emigrated to America at the turn of the 19/20thC, seeking fortune. Many of them contributed to the development of those countries & made great fortunes. Some returned to their Spanish villages & built the impressive 'Indiano' mansions which are unique. The museum of the Indianos is in one of these mansions & shows part of their history through different pictures & instruments.


Nearby attractions

Built in 1210, the Castillo del Rey (KIng's Castle) is one of the best examples of medieval defensive architecture in the region of Cantabria. Formerly owned by Alfonso I of Asturias, the castle was restored in the 1990s and...

A large metal silhouette of a ship sits on the facade of this church, a celebration of the seafaring traditions of the town. It was built across the 13th to 16th centuries in Gothic and Romanesque architectures - a distinctive...

Located in a serene setting near the harbour entrance, this chapel was built in honour of the Virgin of la Barquera who is said to have appeared in a boat all alone with no oars, no crew and no sails in this very harbour on an...

One of Cantabria's most visited tourist attractions, this is a fantastic cave with some incredible stalagmite formations which have grown in all directions, defying gravity. A true geological marvel!

Places to visit nearby

A picturesque town on Cantabria's coast with wonderful beaches, a pretty Old Town and an astounding backdrop in the Picos de Europa mountains.

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