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Spain's most famous wine region, La Rioja is crossed by miles upon miles of vineyards belonging to over 500 wineries that produce here - but there is also much history and natural beauty in La Rioja, as well as fine food to accompany the region's excellent wines.

This region is where many of Spain's finest wines are produced. In the small, prosperous town of Haro, an unusual wine festival is held in late June where a battle unfolds with everyone squirting red wine over each other. The food, too, in this area enjoys a high reputation, with one of the specialities being 'patatas a la Riojana', a spicy potato dish with chorizo sausage and dried peppers.

As with many parts of the world where viticulture is taken seriously, the density of the vineyards makes the scenery a little monotonous with undulating hills covered with miles of tidy rows of grape vines. However, there are some beautiful mountain landscapes, lush nature reserves and striking river valleys - 7 rivers originate in La Rioja, a region which takes up just 1% of the surface area of the country.

La Rioja has a history which it can date further back in time than many places - back to the dinosaurs! Several important discoveries have been made in the valleys of La Rioja, including thousands of stunning dinosaur tracks which you can follow across the rocks.

You can also discover the artistry of many civilizations who have lived in La Rioja throughout the ages by visiting ancient ruins, monasteries and castles that range across many architectural styles, particularly along the Camino de Santiago.

Search for dinosaurs, explore wonderful and diverse landscapes and enjoy delicious wines and great food - all here in La Rioja!

Why visit La Rioja?

  • Vast vineyards and many wineries
  • Excellent La Rioja red wines
  • Famous Haro Wine Battle
  • Ancient ruins and medieval castles

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