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A different view in an art exhibition on Bretagne

Breton photographer, Isabelle Brunet, felt herself inspired on board our ships. So where better for us to show off her striking pictures than in an exhibition aboard Bretagne?... Read more

What to see from the ferry when travelling to Spain

Heading to the continent on one of our routes to Spain? Check out this list of things to spot from the ferry for when you take a stroll out on deck... Read more

A pantomime in summer? Oh yes it is!

We're currently showing our summer panto, Cinderella, on board Bretagne so what do our passengers, and our French crew, think of it?... Read more

It's all go on board our ships this summer!

You might think that, as a ferry company, we're just tasked with getting you from one port to another. Well you'd be wrong... Read more

Top tips for travelling with kids on the ferry

If you're taking kids on the ferry for the first time, or just want a few helpful hints, here are our top tips for keeping them busy on the journey and the kind of facilities that we offer on board... Read more

All hands on deck

There's so much that happens behind the scenes before you get on the ship - here's a taster of the incredible hive of activity that's going on whilst you're getting ready to board... Read more

Whale and dolphin sightings from our ships with ORCA: April update

Our new ORCA Wildlife Officers have had a bumper April spotting 665 whales and dolphins - including dolphins playing in the bow wave of a huge fin whale just metres from the ship!... Read more

Normandie's alive with the sound of music

Each year on 21st June, France reverberates to the sound of music of all genres, as thousands of performers in all corners of the country invade the streets and squares to celebrate the 'Fête de la Musique'... Read more