Spa treatment rooms

Recharge your batteries in exclusive surroundings! Take the time to enjoy the ultimate relaxation aboard the Cap Finistère or the Pont-Aven. Who could resist one of our 'Zen and Beauty' treatments, tailored to your needs to ensure complete well-being...

(COVID-19) To ensure the safety of both our passengers and crew, life on board has changed - new procedures are in place and facilities may be limited.

Recharge your batteries in exclusive surroundings

Take the time to enjoy the ultimate relaxation aboard the Cap Finistère or the Pont-Aven. The overall beauty/well-being concept is all about relaxation, combining innovative treatments with traditional methods. Relax - you're in great hands.

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Happiness out on the deep blue

The overall beauty/well-being concept is a unique approach that optimises the relationship between body and mind, offering a true moment of relaxation and reflection out on the ocean wave.

You will be advised on the tailored treatments that will best meet your needs. These procedures, based on the Medi-Spa concept, combine science and innovation (through the medical element) with well-being (through the spa element).

Cryolift by FilorgaCryotherapy - a Filorga innovation based on the principle of facial gymnastics using the cold to make the skin firmer, the face smoother-looking and the contours redefined - is one such procedure: visible and lasting results guaranteed.

With an emphasis on quality the  'Les Grands Sables' spa treatment room provides a range of therapeutic treatments using proven, branded products, administered by highly trained staff with each session lasting between 5 - 30 minutes.

So... on your next crossing to Spain on board Pont-Aven or Cap Finistère, be sure to visit our spa treatment room and feel all your stress and worries float away, whether you're about to start your holiday or on your return to everyday life.

Taking care of your body

Need to get rid of stress, fatigue and muscle tension? Then the Amma sculpting system is just what you need!

This Japanese art-based method is ideal for relaxing and revitalising during the crossing.

massage chair

Revitalising Journey (15 minutes)

Come and enjoy some 'me time' in our Revitalising Room, where our two state-of-the-art massage chairs will eliminate your stress using an ultra-precision sculpting technique.



Relaxation treatment

An Exceptional Journey (30 minutes)

Ultimate well-being with our 2-in-1 facial beauty and body relaxation treatment.

Revitalise your facial skin with a lifting or hydrating Pro Care mask and enjoy a 20-minute full-body gentle-wave treatment courtesy of the Perfect Chair Serenity system.

Our Trend Bars

The Nail Bar: O.P.I

Place your hands in ours for beauty right to the very tips of your fingers. Let us pamper you with an on-board manicure using our latest products by O.P.I. (the world leader in professional nail products). Available on Pont-AvenCap Finistère and Bretagne.

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