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Travel advice for disabled Passengers

Brittany Ferries very much hopes that all passengers enjoy a totally relaxing journey on board our ships and this is particularly so for a passenger with a disability or reduced mobility. With this in mind we need you to tell us the level of assistance you will require for your travel when you make your booking.

Before choosing to travel by sea you should be aware that there maybe one or two limitations in the service and facilities that we can provide. The design and construction of a ship can make it difficult for some disabled passengers to negotiate and you may find it helpful to travel with an able bodied companion to assist you during the voyage. To comply with safety regulations we may have to limit the number of passengers needing individual assistance on each crossing. Visit our fleet section to see our ship guides.

Please let us know your exact requirements at the time of booking your travel and again when you arrive at ticket check-in. If you ask for additional assistance there may be a delay in boarding - your embarkation and disembarkation will take place at the most appropriate time to allow maximum space and assistance on the ferry. Visit our port guides.

There may be times when your booking has been confirmed by us but, after discussing the assistance you require and consulting with the relevant ships and ports, we  may be unable to carry you on a particular sailing having already reached the limit of disabled persons we can carry in a safe or operationally feasible manner.

To make the most of your travel with Brittany Ferries please tell us how we can help you.