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Holiday France Direct FAQs

What kinds of property do you accept?

We advertise self-catering properties and B&Bs throughout France plus Spain and Portugal. We don't inspect properties but they must conform to French health and safety regulations and be fit to let.

How do I set my rental rates?

You decide your rental rates. Our Properties Advisors can assist with rental guidelines and we recommend you compare your property with similar ones in your area.

What are the tax implications of letting my property?

You will need to seek professional advice from your tax office regarding this.

Should I be insured?

Public liability insurance is essential - your insurance company will be able to advise you.

I don't live on-site - who will greet my clients?

You will need a caretaker to welcome your guests and to ensure your property is always clean and prepared for arrivals.

Should I provide bed linen and towels?

It's a good idea to provide linen and towels to help make your guests' holiday as stress free as possible.

What facilities are necessary? Does my property need a pool?

All appliances must reach EU safety standards. The property should have a fully-fitted kitchen and a minimum of one bathroom. Neutral decor has a wider appeal and it's important to de-clutter. A pool is not necessary but is an added bonus.

What documentation does Holiday France Direct need to see before I advertise?

Holiday France Direct requires evidence of your ownership of the property you're advertising; this must show your name and the address of the property, e.g., a gas or electricity bill.

Who can I contact at Holiday France Direct if I need assistance?

All advertisers have a designated Holiday France Direct team member as their key point of contact. Your team member will:

  • Check through the details you supply when you sign-up and upload your advert to the website. (Please note we overlay our house style onto the description you provide).
  • Advise any changes or additions we think would make your advert more effective.
  • Take payment for annual subscription advertising and handle the administration associated with advertising with us, including the issue of your Brittany Ferries travel account code.
  • Provide any other assistance you require during the time you advertise with us.

How do you notify me of my enquiries and bookings?

We email all guest enquiries for all advert types to you, plus booking details for QuickBook reservations. We strongly recommend you sign-up to receive alert texts so you know straightaway when an enquiry or booking is waiting for you .

How flexible are Holiday France Direct terms and conditions?

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before you sign-up. In particular, it is essential to keep your availability calendar up-to-date and reply to all enquiries promptly. We receive more complaints about these two issues than anything else! If you're considering a QuickBook advertisement, please note we require a minimum of 8 weeks' availability on your property calendar.

How many weeks will I sell?

This depends on the standard of your property and its location.

Do you guarantee I will get bookings?

No, we don't.

Do I have to accept pets at my property?

This is entirely at your discretion. If you accept pets, you can indicate this on your advertisement in the 'amenities' section

How do guest reviews work?

We recommend you get as many guest reviews as possible. More people than ever before are using guest reviews in their decision-making. Statistics show that adverts with reviews do better than those that don't because reviews create an element of trust. Please note we don't remove or edit reviews but if an advertiser gets a poor review a) they have the right to reply and b) there is an opportunity for them to have a discussion with the guest and to ask them to do another review. All QuickBook guests are automatically sent a guest review invitation and annual subscription advertisers enter the guest's name and email address when they book. Review invitations are sent to guests a few days after their holiday.

Should I take a damage deposit?

We recommend you take a damage deposit from your guests. This must be included in your terms and conditions of booking.

What kind of pictures should I take for my advert?

You can have up to 15 photos on your advert and we recommend you update your pictures regularly to keep your advert looking fresh. They must be of a high standard. We recommend a mixture of external and internal images, taken in good light. If you have a pool, try and take it from a good angle. Attention to detail is important so dress up your dining table with food or place freshly laundered towels on the end of beds. Avoid images with people in them as this detracts the eye from the features that you really want guests to see.

What information should I put in my advertisement?

In addition to describing the property and its setting, we recommend you describe what guests can see and do in the area. You can include up to 20 personal recommendations which is an effective way of inspiring people to come and stay as guests often plan their holiday around the attractions close to the property.

It's important to gear your advert to the kind of people who'll be coming to stay. Families will want to know about facilities and activities for children whilst couples may be more interested in your area's culture, history and good dining.

We recommend you include all the activities and amenities you can. This not only gives people the information they need when choosing their accommodation, it also ensures your property comes up in all the relevant searches.

Do I get discounted ferry travel?

Yes, you do. All advertisers have a travel account code to access 20% off Brittany Ferries' standard car and passenger fares. Your guests also enjoy the same discount. Annual subscription advertisers share their travel account code with their guests and QuickBook guests receive their own travel account code.

Annual subscription advertisers also receive £75 off the crossing of their choice.

How can I get more information and sign-up?