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FAQs about Brittany Ferries économie service

Are there lifts on this service?

On board Etretat

Yes, there is a lift located at the stern of the ship to take you from the garage deck 3 up to deck 5 where all of the public facilities are located .However there is a long flat walk from the lift to the reception area and all standard cabins* are only accessible via two flights of stairs, so we recommend you only take essential luggage with you from your vehicles.

*Please note that the 2 cabins adapted for wheelchair access are located on deck 5 next to the reception.

On board Baie de Seine

There is a lift from deck 6, accessible only to vehicles under 1.83m in height. Any vehicles over 1.83m or towing a trailer or caravan will be parked on deck 4 which does not have a lift so access to the upper decks will be by stairs only.

How much is the deposit for an économie booking?

The deposit amount and payment terms are the same as our other services - 25% of your booking price.

Will I receive benefits as a Club Voyage member on a Brittany Ferries économie service?

Yes, the standard discounts of up to 30% on the sailing price and cabin discounts* will still be available to members but other benefits such as the breakfast allowance and the 10% reduction on restaurant dining are not available. Find out more about Club Voyage.

*Reduction does not apply to pet friendly cabins on day sailings.

What are the cabins like on the économie service?

All cabins are en-suite, air conditioned and include towels and soap provided free of charge. However unlike the cabins on our cruise ferries many do not have carpets.

Can I travel with my pet on the économie service?

Yes, both ships offer our popular pet-friendly cabins. Pets travelling to both France and Spain must comply with the Pets Travel Scheme and be booked into a pet-friendly cabin as they are not permitted to remain in your vehicle during the sailing.

Please note that on the Baie de Seine pets can only be booked with vehicles up to 1.83m in height and without a caravan/trailer.

Can I travel as a disabled passenger on this service?

Yes, both ships are suitable for disabled customers and there are two wheelchair accessible cabins available on each. There are specific considerations for the disabled traveller on both ships and we recommend that you read the following links carefully.

To discuss other assistance needs or concerns please call us on 0330 159 5015

Read more general advice about disabled passengers travelling with Brittany Ferries.

Is there outdoor space / decks?

Both ships have outdoor areas for customers to enjoy.  Please note access to outdoor areas on Etretat is limited to Deck 5 only for wheelchair users.

Is there a cash machine or bureau de change onboard the économie service?

There is a cash machine on board Baie de Seine which dispenses both Pounds Sterling and Euros. It is located in the information hall on deck 8.

There is also a cash machine on board Etretat located next to the Information Desk on deck 5 which dispenses Pounds Sterling only.  Please note that this machine only accepts Debit Cards.

You can pre-order Euro currency to be picked up as you check in at Portsmouth port by calling 0330 159 4999.

Can payments on board be made in Euros and Sterling?

Yes, both Euros and Pounds Sterling are accepted on board, or a mixture of the two.

Is there a restaurant on board the économie service?

There is a self-service restaurant on board, which serves a limited range of hot and cold food and drinks including vegetarian options. Baie de Seine also has a café for hot drinks and snacks.

Is there a cinema on board?

There is a movie lounge on board Etretat showing a selection of films with 2 choices on the French sailings and 3 for the sailings to and from Spain. There is no cinema or movie lounge on board Baie de Seine.

Can I buy duty paid goods on board?

Yes, there is a shop on both ships selling a limited range of wines, spirits, tobacco, perfume, confectionery, books and newspapers.

Please note the range of goods available and their quantity are not as large as they are on our classic services and that wines, spirits and tobacco are sold at French prices.

What is the specific advice for passengers travelling with a disability on the économie service?

In order for us to be able to provide the appropriate levels of service and assistance it's important that we understand your individual needs. So please call us on 0330 159 5015 and we will be able to advise you in advance of your sailing.

General information for passengers with a disability

On board Etretat

Passengers travelling in a standard car will be parked on deck 5 providing easy access to the ship and wheelchair accessible cabins. However those travelling in larger vehicles will be parked in the garages on deck 3 next to the lift exit and access to the ship will be via the lift and a flat corridor 110 metres long.

Please note that parking on deck 5 is on an open deck. While the crew will wash your vehicles with fresh water towards the end of the voyage, we recommend you wash your vehicle within a few days of sailing to remove any remaining sea salt residue.

Whilst access to the main public facilities on deck 5 is convenient and comfortable, access to the outside decks is less so and for full movement around the ship the ability to manage a flight of stairs is essential.

On board Baie de Seine

There is a lift from deck 6, accessible only to vehicles under 1.83m in height. Any vehicles over 1.83m or towing a trailer or caravan will be parked on deck 4 which does not have a lift so access to the upper decks will be by stairs only.

There are 2 wheelchair accessible cabins located on Deck 8 and they are approximately 50m from the 24-hour Information Desk and lift, and further still from the rest of the on board facilities. These cabins are not suitable for pets and you may find accessing some of the outside decks challenging.