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Cork to Roscoff

  • Cruise onboard the luxurious Pont Aven
  • Convenient overnight crossing taking just 14 hours
  • Unrivalled experience with a choice of luxury cabins
Sailing updates and travel information

Cork to Roscoff ferry crossings

Weekly ferry crossings from Cork to Roscoff

There are weekly sailings on Brittany Ferries' Cork to Roscoff ferry route with a departure each Saturday afternoon. Our luxury cruise ferries have a choice of cabins to make the overnight crossing comfortable and are equipped to carry both cars and foot passengers.

Cork to Roscoff sailing times

  • Weekly crossings every Saturday (14 hours)
  • Convenient afternoon departures
  • Overnight crossing reaching France early Sunday morning

Roscoff to Cork sailing times

  • Weekly crossings every Friday (14 hours)
  • Evening departures for more time in France
  • Arrival back in Ireland at 10am Saturday morning

View the full Cork to Roscoff ferry timetable for exact sailing times including seasonal variations.

Plan a family holiday...

Getting there: Take the ferry on Saturday afternoon from Cork to Roscoff and you'll travel on Brittany Ferries flagship Pont-Aven. Set sail at 4pm and spend the afternoon on board. There's so much to do with a swimming pool, two cinemas and a choice of restaurants with options to please even the fussiest diners! After your evening meal retire to a comfortable cabin for a restful night before arriving in France at 7am in time to enjoy Sunday breakfast in picturesque Roscoff.

Getting back: Set sail at 8.30pm or 9:30pm on Friday night after a final evening meal in France and take the overnight crossing for your journey home. Enjoy evening entertainments, a late night dip in the pool or take in a film before going to your cabin for a relaxing night's sleep. Enjoy breakfast onboard and arrive back in Ireland at 9:30am or 10am on Saturday morning.


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