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Portsmouth to Cherbourg

  • 1 sailing a day
  • 3 hours fast craft
  • Comfortable lounge and excellent onboard facilities
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Portsmouth to Cherbourg route map

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For passengers taking ferries from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, these maps of Portsmouth and Cherbourg will help you with driving directions to and from the ports.

Portsmouth is the most convenient port for those coming from London, which is less than two hours drive. It is also easily accessible from the Midlands and the South with the M27 linking directly into the M3 and the motorway network. 

You can reach Cherbourg easily by taking the N13 to Caen and the D901 to as shown on the map. This popular port is clearly signposted and is the destination for our fastest Channel crossings.


Cherbourg is located on the picturesque Cotentin Peninsula, a region characterised by it's pretty historic towns that is perfect for a day trip or short break. It is well connected to the fast and efficient French road network for ease of travel to popular holiday areas such as Normandy, Brittany and further down into France.

Find out driving distances to some well-known tourist destinations using the table below.

Driving distances from Cherbourg

Distances to popular destinations
CityFrom Cherbourg Miles (Km)
Bayonne, Aquitaine549 (878)
Biarritz, Aquitaine503 (825)
Bordeaux, Aquitaine423 (680)
Clermont Ferrand, Auvergne448 (717)
Brest, Brittany264 (423)
La Baule, Pays de la Loire227 (366)
Quimper, Brittany234 (384)
Paris, Ile de France216 (354)
Poitiers, Poitou Charentes300 (482)
Tours, Loire Valley224 (368)
Toulouse, Midi Pyrénées527 (865)
Bayeux, Normandy58 (93)
Mont St Michel, Normandy107 (173)
La Rochelle, Poitou Charentes278 (456)
Marseille, Provence Côte d'Azur703 (1132)
Nice, Provence Côte d'Azur805 (1295)
Angers, Pays de la Loire231 (371)
Nantes, Pays de la Loire212 (340)
Saumur, Pays de la Loire247 (397)

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Driving in France

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