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Cheap ferry crossings to France from Portsmouth

Brittany Ferries économie is our no-frills service offering cheap ferries to France between Portsmouth and Le Havre.

  • No-frills ferry crossing offering a simple yet comfortable service
  • Ideal for those on a budget & looking for cheap ferry tickets
Sailing updates and travel information

Portsmouth to Le Havre car ferry

Great value économie ferry services to France

The Portsmouth to Le Havre économie service offers a great value and convenient way to take your car and passengers to France. Reach destinations in Paris, Normandy, eastern France, and the Alps faster with easy access from Le Havre to the efficient French motorway system.

Enjoy the comfort of driving your own car and the freedom to pack everything you need without worrying about baggage allowances. Taking your car allows the whole family to enjoy a relaxing and familiar driving experience so you start your holiday with a stress-free journey.

  • One sailing a day with a convenient morning departure
  • Sail to France in 5 hours 30 mins
  • Avoid the need to carry luggage or meet baggage allowances
  • Fast access to the French motorway from Le Havre

Portsmouth to Le Havre économie service

Brittany Ferries économie

Our économie service from Portsmouth to Le Havre departs at 23:30hrs every evening returning at 17:15hrs every Tuesday to Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

This service is ideal for those looking for a cheap ferry ticket to France without either the cruise-style experience we provide on our cruise ferries or the speed afforded by Normandie Express. Find out more about Brittany Ferries économie service.

Driving in France

Self drive holidays in France are so easy and convenient with your car allowing you to access multi-centre holidays and make overnight stops on your journey. The French motorway network offers fast access to all the major holiday areas and driving your own familiar car should help ensure the journey is as stress free and comfortable as possible for all the family.

Driving distances from Le Havre

Distances to popular destinations
ToMiles (Km)
Angers203 (328)
Bayeux77 (124)
Biarritz549 (884)
Bordeaux429 (691)
Brest290 (467)
La Rochelle315 (508)
Marseille600 (967)
Mont St Michel136 (220)
Paris121 (196)
Tours211 (341)

France for drivers

Prepare for your journey with our helpful guides with tips for driving in France, and how to proceed in the unlikely event of a breakdown or accident.