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Plymouth to Santander

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Plymouth to Santander route map

Maps and driving directions

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For passengers taking ferries from Plymouth to Santander, these maps of Plymouth and Santander will help you with driving directions to and from the ports.

Plymouth is less than 3 hours drive away from Cardiff and is easily reached from the West Country, the Midlands and Wales. The map below shows more detailed directions.

Santander ferry port is accessed from the N634 that runs east to west through the city or the N611 leading south. To find the port follow the signs for "Puerto", "Zona Maritma" or "Ferry".


Santander is an historic city built around a natural port, it's a tourist destination in it's own right with a spectacular cathedral and lots to see and do as well as plenty of traditional Spanish restaurants and boutiques. Less than 3km from the city centre there are three, quiet, unspoilt sandy beaches and the beautiful Picos de Europa National Park is only a drive away. Start at Santander to reach holiday destinations across Spain and the South of France enjoying free flowing traffic and beautiful scenery from the comfort of your car.

Driving distances to some popular areas are shown in the table below:

Driving distances from Santander

Distances to popular destinations
CityFrom Santander Miles (Km)
Alicante517 (832)
Barcelona443 (709)
Gibraltar637 (1021)
Leon, Castilla y León173 (279)
Lisbon517 (848)
Madrid, Madrid243 (399)
Marbella630 (1014)
Porto405 (648)
Salamanca, Castilla y León226 (364)
Santiago474 (763)
Valladolid, Castilla y León155 (250)
Vigo314 (505)
Zaragoza, Aragon249 (401)
Biarritz, Aquitaine150 (246)
Bordeaux, Aquitaine272 (437)
Toulouse, Midi Pyrénées327 (537)
Marseille, Provence Côte d'Azur583 (939)
Nice, Provence Côte d'Azur685 (1103)

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