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Travelling with a pet on board Baie de Seine

We're looking forward to welcoming you and your four-legged friend on board Baie de Seine. We hope that this information will help you understand what to expect when boarding the ship, during the sailing and prior to disembarkation.

Before you arrive

  • We recommend that your dog has been exercised and toileted before boarding the ship


  • Your pet's chip will be scanned and your Pet Passport checked.
  • We will place a sticker on your car windscreen to ensure you're parked appropriately on board.
  • Please do not remove this sticker until having exited your port of arrival.

On board

Pets are only allowed in pet-friendly cabins and designated exercise areas but not in any other public area of the ship (except registered assistance dogs).

  • Once you have parked in the garage, a member of our crew will greet you and show you to the lift which takes you to your pet-friendly cabin on deck 9. Pets are not permitted to remain in a vehicle.


  • Shortly before arrival, we will invite pet owners over the tannoy to return to their cabins. Please wait here for a further announcement concerning returning to your vehicle. This will usually be after non-pet owners have returned to the garage.

Whilst transferring your dog from your vehicle to your cabin and again back to your vehicle, it must be muzzled and on a lead. This also applies when in the pet exercise areas.

For operational reasons, these procedures are subject to change. Please follow the instructions given to you by our crew. For further information, you can visit the information desk on deck 8.

Please note that, on the Baie de Seine, pets can only be booked with vehicles up to 1.83m in height and without a caravan/trailer.


PETS Travel Scheme

dog and cat

View the PETS Travel Scheme to find out more information about taking your pet on board.