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Brittany Ferries Quirky Facts

  • Up to 23 sailings a day provide capacity for 11,000 cars and 35,000 passengers
  • We carry nearly 3 million passengers and 1 million vehicles every year
  • Up to 6,604 beds are made per night by Brittany Ferries staff, that is more than the Ritz, the Savoy and the Waldorf in London combined make in a week
  • The Brittany Ferries fleet covers 750,000 nautical miles each year which is the equivalent of going 35 times around the world
  • The combined tonnage of the fleet is 247,000 tonnes, that is equivalent of more than one fifth of the world's population of blue whales
  • The Pont-Aven's cabin capacity (650 cabins) adds up to 2,012 berths. If you knotted all the sheets together, you could escape from a 1,200-storey building
  • Approximately 3 million meals are served onboard each year
  • Up to 200 tons of chips are fried each year
  • 3 million baguettes are baked onboard each year