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My Perfume Test App

Perfume Test App

Hone your senses with the dedicated perfume app. Answer a few questions to discover which fragrance best suits you and save money thanks to our price comparison tool.

100% holidays onboard

My summer destination? Sunshine!

The heat of the sun, sunglasses on, time stretching endlessly, and and friendly evenings: Welcome to Summer 2018! Discover our summer programme on board now!


The must-have kit for a summer on the beach!

Discover the top 3 beach essentials in our summer kit at an incredible price!

  • Your ultra-soft Oxbow towel
  • Sunscreen for perfect skin protection (UV Bronze Hydra-Refreshing Anti-Ageing SPF 50)
  • All in an oversize beach bag that combines practicality and style


The little sailors' menu: eat up me hearties, yo ho!

Children can eat like grown-ups at the restaurant for only £5.65.

And to entertain your little ones, a rucksack filled with surprises is included in the menu.

Well-being at sea

Free Summer make-up!

It's summer on board ! So why not take advantage of a free make-up session? Personalised advice from our experts to create a fresh and natural make-up style.

For a radiant look all summer!

Discoveries on board

Discover the new flavours in boutique!

The hottest trends this season: pink, the ultimate summer colour that conjures up images of sweet treats and enjoyment.

All aboard for a culinary journey with a free tasting of our new red berry flavoured Gin.*

For more information on wellness workshops and free tasting workshops: ask at the the information office of the ships involved: Armorique, Barfleur, Bretagne, Cap Finistère, Mont-St Michel, Normandie, Pont-Aven

Please drink responsibly