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Spa treatment rooms

With an emphasis on quality the  'Les Grands Sables' spa treatment room provides a range of therapeutic treatments using proven, branded products, administered by highly trained staff with each session lasting between 5 - 30 minutes.

So... on your next crossing to Spain on board Pont-Aven or Cap Finistère, be sure to visit our spa treatment room and feel all your stress and worries float away, whether you're about to start your holiday or on your return to everyday life.

Treatment overview and prices

Spa treatments on board Pont-Aven and Cap Finistère
  • Available on Pont-Aven and Cap Finistère (to/ from Spain)
  • Treatments available for men as well as women
  • Can be booked the moment you step onboard
  • Treatments range from £10 - £70

Body treatments

Spa treatment on board Pont-Aven

"Relaxing Break"

Perfect for intense relaxation and a boost during the crossing. Amma Massage, which is based on the ancient Japanese 'push-pull' technique, is carried out while you are seated.

You remain fully clothed and sit on a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair; a precise sequence of movements is then applied to your shoulders, the back of your neck, your arms, your hands, your back and your hips. It is particularly effective in eliminating stress, tiredness, and muscle tension. (Duration 20 Minutes)

Relaxing Journey

Lie back, relax and let total well-being take over in the Perfect Chair®, Serenity Zero Gravity recliner. The zero gravity reclining position of the chair offers a unique experience by elevating the legs to help boost circulation whilst adding a soft wave for a full body experience. (Duration 20 minutes)

Anti-Age Journey

Whilst reclining in the zero gravity position, why not benefit from a Pro Care Moisturising or Revitalising beauty mask where the skin is lifted or plumped. Pro Care is an authentic medical brand developed according to the specifications of the management of the Clinics and Centre for Aesthetic Medicine. (Duration 30 minutes)

Facial treatments by FILORGA

A woman having a facial treatment

Fill-Time "Anti-Age Remodelant"

This Cryolift treatment, combined with DNA, collagen and elastin fills wrinkles from the inside to reduce their appearance. It evens out the skin surface while plumping the whole face. (Duration 30 minutes)

Glow-Skin "Eclat Surnaturel"

This Cryolift treatment is combined with NCTF gel. It adopts essence of mesotherapy without the use of needles to give the cells a boost and stimulate skin microcirculation while optimizing the natural glow of the skin. (Duration 20 minutes)

Hydra-Fresh "Hydratation Active"

This Cryolift treatment is combined with collagen to hydrate and revitalise all layers of the skin leaving it smoothed and hydrated radiance. (Duration 20 minutes)

Clean-Skin "Detox suractivée"

This treatment refines skin texture, tightens pores and stimulates cell renewal. A soft peel based on sequential variation of pH, allows for a smooth exfoliation and the 18 anti-aging ingredients of its exclusive formula eliminate the dull layers of skin, refining its texture and stimulating cell renewal. (Duration 20 minutes)

Le Booster Express

Facial draining massage, moisturising and firming mask. After this relaxing process, rediscover a bright complexion with energised, oxygenated and radiant skin. (Duration 10 minutes)

Healthy Glow Tan Bar

Instant one-minute Natural Tanning for the face, using a fogging technique. Now available onboard in the Sun Chocolate range. For men and women. The safest way of getting a natural looking tan and giving your skin a gorgeous, even glow! (Duration 5 minutes)

Hand treatments by OPI


Erase pigment stains and age spots from your hands. A soft peel based on sequential variation of pH, for a smooth exfoliation. The 18 anti-aging ingredients of its exclusive formula eliminate the dull layers of skin, refine skin texture and stimulate cell renewal. Pigment stains are diminished. (Duration 15 minutes)

Nail Bar

Experience beautiful hands, nails with the award winning brand, O.P.I. More than a treatment... a pampering process. To stay beautiful right to your fingertips until you get back from your holiday, let us take care of your hands.

The products from O.P.I, a world leader in professional nail products, have always combined high-tech performance and a keen sense of colour. Discover the new revolution in semi-permanent nail varnish, guaranteeing perfect hands throughout your holiday and beyond.