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Free onboard Wi-Fi

WiFi Zone

We are pleased to provide complimentary access to the internet on board. The Wi-Fi is available in certain parts of the public areas of the ship. Please ask at the information desk for further information.

This service is provided via satellite connection therefore you may experience some delays in comparison to typical shore-based internet connections. We have taken reasonable measures to restrict access / downloads to some online content to help provide quicker connections and so offer a better service to our customers.

How to connect to your Wi-Fi session

To connect, you need to have brought equipment capable of receiving Wi-Fi (laptops, smartphones or tablets)

  • Locate the Wi-Fi area on board
  • Once your equipment has correctly started in a Wi-Fi area, you will need to open the network connection's window
  • Start a search to detect the available Wi-Fi networks and choose "internet@sea"
  • Open your internet browser and wait a few seconds until the internet@sea page is displayed
  • Enter the code on your boarding card (Free Wi-Fi) and accept the general conditions the use of this service

What to do if you cannot connect?

  • Ensure that you have activated your Wi-Fi card on your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Ensure that you are in an area covered by Wi-Fi by refreshing the Wi-Fi connections available
  • Close and re-open your internet browser
  • Ensure that you have entered the code printed on your embarkation card correctly

Please ask the Information Desk if the problem persists.

Frequently asked questions

Free Wi-Fi available on board our ferries

Does it cost anything?

It is free to connect to the internet@sea Wi-Fi using the code provided on your boarding card. However, we are not responsible for any further costs of additional connect, services, or products purchased whilst using the connection.

Similarly, we are not responsible for any costs incurred by connecting to any other network than internet@sea with your Brittany Ferries code printed on your boarding card.

Where can I connect?

You can connect in designated areas of the ship where you can see the Wi-Fi zone signs - as in the image on the right.

Which ships have free Wi-Fi?

All our passenger ships have free Wi-Fi access.

Do I need an access code?

The access code is printed on your boarding card.

Are there restrictions on what I can download?

There are restrictions of some types of content as outlined in the terms of conditions to help maintain service levels.

Where can i receive Wi-Fi access on each ferry?

  • Armorique - Public areas of the ship on decks 6 and 7
  • Baie de Seine - Public areas of the ship where you can see the Wi-Fi zone signs
  • Barfleur - Public areas of the ship on deck 7
  • Bretagne - Deck 8 in the cafe 'La Gerbe de Locronan' and in the reserved seat lounges
  • Cap Finistére - Public areas of the ship on deck 7 and the Belle Vue bar on deck 9
  • Etretat - Lounge areas and bar on deck 5
  • Mont St Michel - Deck 8 in the self-service restaurant 'La Galerie', the cafe/restaurant 'Comptoir des Saveurs' and deck 9 in the cafe and bar
  • Normandie - Deck 8 in the self-service restaurant and in the public seating area, also on deck 9 in the cafe and bar
  • Pont Aven - Deck 7 in the self-service restaurant, the main bar on deck 8, mezzanine on deck 9 and bar next to the swimming pool
  • Normandie Express - throughout the ship