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Free onboard Wi-Fi

We are pleased to provide complimentary access to the internet on board. The Wi-Fi is available in certain parts of the public areas of the ship. Please ask at the information desk for further information.

Our Wi-Fi is provided by satellite so it won't be as fast as you would expect at home or work. To optimise the service, we have restricted access to certain sites. So you should download media before you travel.

To connect to our Wi-Fi, look for Wi-Fi zones in the public areas. You'll find the access code on your boarding card or cabin key.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Zone and Boarding Card
  • Make sure that you are in a Wi-Fi zone
  • Enable Wi-Fi on your device and choose the Internet@sea network
  • When prompted, enter your access code found on your boarding card or cabin and accept the general conditions of use.

Guides to connect

These handy guides show you how to connect using the some of the most popular mobile devices. For help with Wi-Fi connection for other devices, please refer to your user manual.

Free Wi-Fi areas for each ferry

  • Armorique - Public areas of the ship on decks 6 and 7
  • Baie de Seine - Public areas of the ship where you can see the Wi-Fi zone signs
  • Barfleur - Public areas of the ship on deck 7
  • Bretagne - Deck 8 in the cafe and in the reserved seat lounges
  • Cap Finistére - Public areas of the ship on deck 7 and the bar on deck 9
  • Etretat - Lounge areas and bar on deck 5
  • Mont St Michel - Deck 8 in the self-service restaurant and cafe/restaurant, also deck 9 in the cafe and bar
  • Normandie - Deck 8 in the self-service restaurant and in the public seating area, also on deck 9 in the cafe and bar
  • Pont Aven - Self-service restaurant on deck 7, main bar on deck 8, mezzanine on deck 9 and bar next to the swimming pool
  • Normandie Express - throughout the ship

Additional information

Free Wi-Fi available on board our ferries

It is free to connect to the internet@sea Wi-Fi using the code provided on your boarding card. However, we are not responsible for any further costs of additional connect, services, or products purchased whilst using the connection.

Data Roaming

An offshore mobile telephone network-independent to Brittany Ferries-is also available which is not free. You will be charged by your network provider for any phone calls, messages or use of data whilst roaming on this network; these charges will be outlined by your network provider.

Brittany Ferries is not responsible for any costs incurred by connecting to any other network. To avoid any additional charges, we recommend that you turn off data roaming and "Wi-Fi assist" on Apple devices.