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New to ferry travel?

With Brittany Ferries getting there is all part of the fun. On board our cruise ferries you'll enjoy award-winning service and top-class facilities, not to mention French chefs and friendly bilingual staff, all combining to create a truly French experience from the moment you drive aboard.

Benefits of travelling with us

  • Freedom & flexibility - with your own car you can decide your own route and take as much as you like.
  • Hassle-free - airport parking, long check-in queues. Who needs them?
  • Cut out stress - sleep while cruising overnight and drive at your own pace.
  • So much fun - restaurants, bars, cinemas, shops? Our ferries have them all.
  • Top value - loading up with basics for a self-catering holiday reduces local shopping to the minimum.
  • More choice - fancy a change - drive to a nearby attraction for the day.

5 easy steps to travelling

  • It's easy to plan and book with us, either online or by phone.
  • Relax and enjoy our unrivalled onboard experience.
  • Pack your car with all you need to enjoy your time away.
  • Arrive refreshed and far closer to your holiday destination.
  • Check-in just 45 minutes before departure.

Travelling by car ferry for the first time?

Taking your car by ferry with Brittany Ferries couldn't be simpler. This video outlines what you need to do when you get to the port and check in, what happens once you drive on board and some of the great things you can enjoy aboard our ships before you disembark in France or Spain.

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