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Travelling with a motorbike

A guide to taking your motorbike by ferry

If you've never travelled with your motorbike on a ferry or with Brittany Ferries before then you perhaps have lots of questions about the travel process so we've put together this useful guide telling you everything that happens!

If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Before you leave home

Travel essentials

Documents: All passengers need a valid passport or ID card

Your bike: Check your motorbike meets the requirements for the country you are visiting

Plan your journey to the port: There is a minimum 45 minute check-in prior to departure

Special travel needs

Please contact us before the day of departure if you have any special travel needs that you think may affect your journey

Travel tip!
Pack a separate travel bag with the essentials you will require during the sailing to save taking large suitcases with you to your cabin/seat. Soap and towels are supplied in every cabin. For overnight sailings without a cabin there are public showers and we sell Sleep Packs and Shower Packs onboard.

Arrival at your departure port

The check-in procedure

Follow the signs to the Brittany Ferries vehicle embarkation check-in booths and have your booking reference and passports ready

Your passports will be returned to you along with a boarding card so the port staff can identify you plus a useful ship guide containing a deck plan and safety instructions

Your boarding card is printed with your cabin/ seat number and if you have booked a cabin it is also your cabin key

Proceed into the car lane designated by our staff prior to the security check

Travel tip!
If you need to use the Terminal facilities you may be able to leave your vehicle at this point subject to time available. Please listen out for any announcements for passengers to return to their vehicles.

Boarding the ship

You will be directed through the security checks and will enter the departure car lanes where you must remain with your vehicle

The port staff directed by the ship's Loading Officer will guide you onboard. This is a skilled operation, and the positioning of vehicles depends on their type and size, so please be patient if your vehicle is not moving as fast as others

When the crew are ready you will be directed onto the vessel where your machine will be secured by a member of the crew. Take care when crossing ramps which can be wet and any braking should be gentle.

Thick foam pads are placed across your bike to prevent any damage by the heavy duty ratchet straps and chocks are used where appropriate. All crew members are well practiced in securing all types of machine and take great care not to damage your pride and joy, so you do not need to worry.

Leaving the car decks

Please take a note of the car deck and nearest door number once you are parked

Please be careful as you move towards the exits as other vehicles may still be boarding and there is limited space between the parked vehicles on the car decks

Access to the public decks is via the lifts or stairways

Travel tip!
Remember to take your essentials with you as you are not permitted to return to the car deck during the sailing. For passengers travelling with pets there are scheduled accompanied visits.

Whilst on board

The time onboard is always UK time (all departure times are quoted in local time to the ports)

On each deck there are detailed ship plans on the walls to help you locate your cabin or seat

There is an Information Desk on each ship located on deck 6 or 7. Our bilingual staff will be happy to assist with any enquiries

If on a vessel with bar facilities, please bear in mind foreign alcohol limits are lower than ours and there is often a large police presence at the ports!

Relax and enjoy the onboard experience!

There is plenty to do whilst onboard our ships which suit all budgets, especially for children including a play room and cinema. Find out more about the onboard experience on each of our ships. The name of the vessel you are sailing on will be shown on your travel documents.

On arrival

The hold is sealed during sailing and you will not have access to your bike again until the vessel has docked at the end of the sailing.

We request you leave your cabin 30 minutes prior to arrival ensuring that you take all your belongings with you

On overnight sailings you will receive a wake-up call approximately 60 minutes before arrival

An announcement will be made as to when you can return to your car

Do not start your engine until instructed to do so and carefully follow all directions given by the crew

Travel tip!
Please be advised there can be delays when queuing for immigration and have your passports ready for inspection.