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Alsace Lorraine travel guide

About Alsace Lorraine

Green plateaux, wooded mountains and picturesque villages, together with a unique Franco-German culture, make Alsace-Lorraine the most appealing of destinations.

Green plateaux, wooded mountains and picturesque villages, together with a unique Franco-German culture, make this the most appealing of destinations. Cities such as Strasbourg, Metz and Nancy have much to offer visitors, and there is a wonderful variety of local white wines and cuisine to enjoy.

Together, these regions form the entire border that France shares with Germany, and as you might expect, there is a marked Germanic influence in both the language and cuisine.

Alsace is an almost fairy tale land of forests, mountains, lakes and flower bedecked villages with half-timbered houses. Strasbourg is the regional capital - some would say the capital of Europe. But move away from the modern buildings of administrative power and you will discover an enchanting medieval quarter known as 'Petite France'.

Lorraine is known mainly for its variety of Roman spa towns, Celtic fortifications and many examples of fabulous Baroque architecture found in the city of Nancy. Nancy was also the original home of art nouveau, and the art museum here contains works by both Manet and Monet. Cuisine specialities across the two regions include choucroute, tarte à l'oignon, plus of course, quiche lorraine and wines.

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Cuisine of Alsace Lorraine

Sauerkraut with tasty sausages, real quiche lorraine and asparagus. Light white wines and fruity liqueurs.

Places to visit in Alsace Lorraine

  • The pretty towns of Strasbourg and Colmar, or pop over into Germany.

Things to do in Alsace Lorraine

  • Follow the wine route through some of the prettiest villages or go boating on the canals and lakes.
  • The lovely lake at Gérardmer offers swimming, canoes and pedaloes.

Why visit Alsace Lorraine?

  • The stunning Vosges Mountains
  • Delicious Franco-German Cuisine
  • Nancy's beautiful medieval quarter
  • Famous Strasbourg Christmas Market

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