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Carnac travel guide

About Carnac

Carnac in Brittany is a small town on the River Crac'h that is most famous for its wealth of pre-historic megalithic monuments, the Carnac Stones.

Explore this mystical place and discover an incredible ancient world of nearly 3000 megalithic stones arranged in lines and circles for an unknown purpose. With giant menhirs (standing stones), dolmens (burial tombs) and tumuli (burial mounds) it is often thought of as an ancient place of worship, or as an astronomical observatory of the sun and stars.

In the town, Carnac-Ville you can visit the Musée de Préhistoire, which holds the contents of many of the ancient burial mounds, with fascinating artefacts on display. Whilst in the town, why not pass by the Eglise St Cornély, one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture in Morbihan or go shopping in the little boutiques and visit one of Carnac's fantastic créperies. Wander down to Carnac-Plage where you'll find Carnac's 5 beautiful, sheltered, sandy beaches that are popular with tourists and sample some of Brittany's famous thalassotherapy.

Why visit Carnac?

  • The Carnac Stones
  • The Beaches
  • The Church
  • The Museum of Pre-History 


  • Country: France
  • Region: Brittany
  • Department: Morbihan
  • Population: 4,500
  • Coordinates: 47.588221,-3.077717

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