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Franche Comté travel guide

About Franche Comté

Separated into lush green valley and the rocky Jura mountains, Franche Comte is a great place for outdoor pursuits such as climbing, cycling and water sports on the many lakes, as well as being renowned for its wines and many cheeses.

This region has two very different faces - the high valley of the Saône with its miles of rolling countryside, and to the east, the rugged Jura mountain range renowned for cross-country skiing and eye-catching scenery. Stunning waterfalls and caves can be found in the Doubs valley and Baume les Messieurs, while the surrounding woods and lakes are ideal for hiking and fishing.

Charming local wine villages such as Arbois offer rustic simplicity, while the region's capital, Besançon is a fortress town known mostly for its watch-making. The Musée du Temps here charting the history of these timepieces is well worth a look.

Visit Ronchamps for the extraordinary work of architect Le Corbusier - the chapel of Notre Dame du Haut is a fine example. And while in Franche Comté, make a point of sampling kirsch (a wonderful cherry tasting liqueur) and visiting Château-Châlon, where the Jura wines are produced.

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Cuisine of Franche Comte

  • Swiss fondue
  • Charcuterie
  • Bresi (air dried beef)
  • Wonderful freshwater fish and crayfish
  • A variety of cheeses including Comté and creamy Vacherin
  • The 'yellow wine' of Jura as well as the usual red, white and rosé

Why visit Franche Comté?

  • Caves & waterfalls in Doubs valley
  • Woods & lakes for outdoor activities 
  • Jura wines, especially vin de jaune 
  • Huge variety of local cheeses

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