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Ile de France travel guide

About Ile de France

France's smallest region geographically, Ile de France is a vibrant and historic area that encompasses the stunning capital city of Paris; Versailles, the home of the majestic royal palace; and wonderful countryside populated by pretty towns and fairytale chateaux.

The smallest region of France that encircles Paris and is home to many world-famous attractions. If you want a busy holiday then this is the place for you.

Just say the name Paris and it immediately conjures up visions of a romantic city with many sightseeing opportunities such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe but there is much to see and enjoy in the surrounding area too.

There is a splendid château at Fontainebleau set in a vast forest with marked routes for ramblers and mountain bike trails or you can even take a guided tour on horseback through the rolling countryside. The opulence and beauty of the fabulous palace and gardens at Versailles will take your breath away and in complete contrast the modern, fairytale world of Disneyland® Paris is guaranteed fun for the whole family.

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Cuisine of Ile de France

Local specialities

Meaux mustard , Brie cheese and desserts decorated with crystallized rose petals from Provins.

What's on the menu?

Visit the Latin Quarter in Paris to find restaurants offering dishes from all over the world in a great ambiance.

What to drink

The fruity Noyau de Poissy liqueur made from apricots and almonds crushed in cognac. In Paris the choice is endless but best enjoyed on a café terrace whilst people-watching.

Why visit Ile de France?

  • Paris, the world's most visited city!
  • Disneyland® Paris theme park
  • Palace of Versailles and gardens
  • Art at the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay

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Places in Ile de France

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Attractions in Ile de France

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