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Limousin travel guide

About Limousin

Rural France at its best, Limousin is a land of green hills and woodland with 25,000 acres of water in its lakes and rivers - making it the perfect area for those who love being out of doors hiking, cycling, windsurfing, angling and even hot air ballooning!

This is rural France at its best with an abundance of green hills, woodland, rivers and crystal clear lakes along with sleepy villages and towns.

This region tends to attract those who prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of busy seaside resorts and want to enjoy a peaceful getaway with a wide range of outdoor activities. The 25,000 acres of water here offer everything from quiet angling to windsurfing and the many marked paths are perfect for keen cyclists and walkers. Or if you want a less energetic way to pass the time try a hot air balloon trip and discover the wonderful landscape from the sky.

Cuisine of Limousin

Local specialities

Truffles and wild mushrooms. Clafoutis, a dessert of black cherries baked in batter. Gâteau creusois, a butter and almond cake.

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What's on the menu?

La potée limousine, a comforting pork stew cooked with vegetables. Pâté aux pommes de terre, a layered potato pie topped with cream and herbs baked in a case of puff pastry.

What to drink

Locally produced walnut and hazelnut liqueurs. Limousin cider.

Why visit Limousin?

  • Lakes and woods for outdoor activities
  • Peaceful countryside and sleepy villages
  • The wolves of Les Loups de Chabrières
  • The Richard the Lionheart driving route

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