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Loire Valley travel guide

About Loire Valley

An historic area, the Loire Valley has seen some of France's most important events including the Battle of Orleans where Joan of Arc led the French into battle, and is filled with beautiful cathedrals and chateaux, winding rivers perfect for water sports and some excellent wine regions.

It comes as no surprise that this region is often referred to as the Garden of France as it is an enchanted land of vineyards, flowers and rolling green hills dotted with picturesque villages.

With the added charm of its gentle pace of life it has for centuries been a sought after location as inspiration for many artists, poets and writers. There is a wealth of sightseeing opportunities here including historic cities such as Tours and Orléans and many magnificent châteaux; glorious Chambord, Chaumont sur Loire with its stunning gardens and the picture perfect Azay le Rideau to name but a few. It's also an ideal place to relax and unwind - the climate is soft and mild and the countryside ideal for leisurely walks or gentle cycling whilst taking in the wonderful views.

The mighty Loire river (the longest in France) provides boat trips and watersports, bathing areas and little man-made sandy beaches for soaking up the sun.

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Cuisine of the Loire Valley

Local specialities

Goats' cheese including Ste Maure de Touraine or the pyramid-shaped nutty Valençay  Colourful macaroon. Mushrooms grown in the limestone caves. Confit de vin (wine jelly from Chinon) to serve with cold meats.

What's on the menu?

Freshwater fish (salmon, pike-perch, trout) often cooked in a beurre blanc (butter) sauce. Tarte tatin, an upside-down tart with caramelised apples.

What to drink

Red wines from Bourgueil or Chinon, white wines from Touraine and sparkling ones from Vouvray or Saumur should all hit the spot.

Why visit Loire Valley?

  • Beautiful châteaux & vineyards
  • Stunning Gothic cathedral at Bourges
  • History of Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans
  • Watersports on the Loire river

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