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About Nord Picardy

Encompassing an area that was once known as Flanders, Nord Picardy is a region of windmills and battlefields, in particular the fields of the Somme, where villages celebrate traditional festivals dedicated to legendary giants, historic cities contain striking architecture such as France's largest cathedral at Amiens, and Flemish beers and good rustic food are on the menu.

So peaceful and beautiful is the countryside, it's hard to imagine it as having been the scene of so many major battles, from Agincourt to the Somme. With long sandy beaches and stunning white cliffs, the region's coastline is equally impressive, and the huge Gothic cathedral at Amiens is the largest in France.

With locally brewed Flemish beers, traditional festivals and frequently sighted windmills, the Flemish influence is highly evident throughout this peaceful region of river valleys and forests. The coastline is amazingly varied and rich in birdlife, with both sandy beaches and towering rock formations.

Sophisticated Lille offers a lively experience with superb nightlife, shops, restaurants and the Musée d'Art Moderne, housing works by Picasso. Equally alluring is the splendid Gothic church. In fact the region is particularly noted for its church architecture and boasts many magnificent cathedrals, the largest of which is in Amiens.

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Many water activities can be enjoyed on the picturesque Somme river, while nearer the Champagne border the historical town of Compiègne is famous for its royal hunting palace. The popular theme park, Parc Astérix can also be found in this region, and is perfect for a fun filled family day out.

Cuisine of Nord Picardy

Strong cheeses such as Maroilles and Vieux Puant (old stinker). Hearty stews such as hochepot and carbonade de boeuf . Flamiche - the local variety of quiche. Andouillettes  Superb fish and seafood.  Flemish beers.

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