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Family-friendly Normandy

Great family fun

Keep the children entertained and the adults happy with the huge variety of zoos, farms, museums, parks and activity centres across Normandy.

Wherever you stay in Normandy - by the sea, deep in the countryside, or in the heart of its towns and cities, Normandy has something to offer every taste and budget.

Whether you're on holiday in this region or just visiting for the day, Normandy offers a wealth of things to see and do for energetic families!

Featured articles

Festyland is an amusement park for younger children located near Caen. It has an historical theme so children will learn about pirates, Vikings, France's golden age of the Belle Epoque and, of course, William the Conqueror and the events…
A definite hit with parents and children, there's no need to go to Africa to go on safari with the Cerza safari park eco-friendly lodges! Set beside a serene lake and the beautiful bird sanctuary, the lodges offer fantastic views across…
An unmissable attraction when you are in Normandy, La Cité de la Mer is a fantastic place to spend the whole day learning about man's adventures under the sea.
The new Roche d'Oëtre acrobatic park gives a new perspective on one of the wildest regions of the Orne department. Two different courses wind their way through the countryside: the first is in 25 stages and is accessible to children from…
Made up of 5,000 beech and hornbeam trees and with trails covering over three kilometres, the Artmazia labyrinth is the longest maze in the world! Embark on a journey to the centre of the maze to discover the troll's grotto
From pre-1945 to the post-1945 period, this museum tells the story of the 20thC in a spectacular presentation of the events that had such an impact on European history.
Bayeux was the first town liberated during the Battle of Normandy in 1944 and it is fittingly the home of a Museum dedicated to the Battle that raged for over 2 months across the region.
The famous Bayeux Tapestry depicts the events of the Norman Conquest of England and illustrates much about the life of the Normans. 231ft long & 20ins deep, it is believed to have been created for Odo, the Bishop of Bayeux, in England.
Product of the dreams of two nature lovers, Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer, the Ferme Biologique du Bec Hellouin invites young and old to experience the benefits of organic farming.
You don't have to be American to be moved by the scale, the beauty, and the story of courage and sacrifice that lies behind the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, overlooking Omaha Beach.
A few miles west of Arromanches is probably the most famous, and certainly the bloodiest, landing beach of all - Omaha. The cliffs here are still riddled with German bunkers, and deeply scarred with shell holes from the bombardment that…