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Top 10 attractions in Normandy

Our favourite attractions in Normandy

History, culture and natural beauty

As the site of the D-Day Landings in WW2 and the birthplace of William the Conqueror, Normandy is a fascinating place for the history buff or casual historian with lots of well-preserved sites to visit and a wealth of fantastic museums.

Artists will love the stunning medieval towns and chateaux of this rustic region as well as the incredible natural beauty of the Alabaster Coast, a spot that inspired Impressionist painters such as Monet. You can also visit his house and garden in Giverny, where Monet painted some of his most famous works.

Wherever you visit in the region, you'll find quaint crêperies selling crêpes with a cup of local cidre, as well as restaurant menus filled with creamy à la Normand dishes. Seafood fans will be spoiled with freshly caught shellfish.

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About Normandy

A region known for its produce of rustic cheeses and ciders in its pretty rural areas, Normandy has an important history from William the Conqueror to WW2 with a dramatic coastline that includes the D-Day Landings beaches, stylish beach resorts and the stunning Mont St Michel.

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Getting to Normandy

Brittany Ferries offers direct sailings into Normandy with our Portsmouth to Caen, Portsmouth to Le Havre, Portsmouth to Cherbourg and Poole to Cherbourg ferry routes.

Our top 10 things to do in Normandy

The famous Bayeux Tapestry depicts the events of the Norman Conquest of England and illustrates much about the life of the Normans. 231ft long & 20ins deep, it is believed to have been created for Odo, the Bishop of Bayeux, in England.
Take a wander through Claude Monet's spectacular gardens where he painted many of his most famous works. Strolling through the famous Japanese garden with its water bridge and waterlilies floating in the pond, Monet's gardens are a…
From pre-1945 to the post-1945 period, this museum tells the story of the 20thC in a spectacular presentation of the events that had such an impact on European history.
You don't have to be American to be moved by the scale, the beauty, and the story of courage and sacrifice that lies behind the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, overlooking Omaha Beach.
Mont St Michel in Normandy is a granite tidal island just off the coast, famous for its majestic abbey. One of France's main tourist attractions, the Mont St Michel attracts over 3 million visitors every year.
An unmissable attraction when you are in Normandy, La Cité de la Mer is a fantastic place to spend the whole day learning about man's adventures under the sea.
One of the largest medieval complexes in Europe, William the Conqueror's 11the century castle is an impressive piece of military architecture. Looming above the city on a hillock and surrounded by a dry moat, it is an imposing sight.
William the Conqueror built this abbey, along with his wife Mathilda's stunning Abbaye aux Dames (the 'Ladies' Abbey'), as penance to the Church for their marriage. Built out of local Caen stone, the twin Romanesque towers of the building…
These magnificent cliffs are one of Normandy's most popular tourist spots. Carved out of the beautiful white limestone are 3 arches - Porte Aval, Porte Amont and Manneport with the needle of rock just off the Porte Aval made famous as the…
Founded in 654 by St Philbert, the ruins of the Jumièges Abbey are the remains of one of the oldest monasteries in the western world. Destroyed first by the Vikings and again during the Hundred Years War, pieces of the abbey were also…