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Planning your trip

Guide to planning your bike tour

France and Spain are huge countries ideal for motorbike exploration with countless miles of virtually traffic-free roads, fantastic scenery and plenty of high-speed bends guaranteed to set the pulse of every true biker racing up into top gear.

Using Brittany Ferries extensive choice of routes to France and Spain allows you the chance to arrive on the best biking roads refreshed and ready to ride.

Route planning

Route planning and the time available for the trip should take into account the size of the machine. However, be realistic in your daily mileages and do not overstretch yourself, after all it is supposed to be a holiday. Plan for the odd days rest to avoid fatigue if planning a long trip, or to allow for any unexpected delays.

Computer mapping and Sat Navs allow you to accurately plan mileages and book hotels and lodging in advance. However, a road map is still worth carrying just in case of electronic unit failure.

Things to Consider

European Breakdown Cover and repatriation for your motorcycle is worth considering. Note: In Spain you no longer need to obtain a Bail Bond, to take a vehicle into the country.

As well as credit cards, make sure you have plenty of Euros with you especially if you are travelling to more remote areas where they may not take cards at petrol stations or cafes etc. (Check with hotels when booking on payment terms.)  If you are not fluent in the local language, a phrase book is a useful addition to your documentation.

A small First Aid kit is always useful for dealing with minor ailments like stomach upsets, stings, cuts, burns etc.


Get an International Driving Permit from the Post Office or the AA, which will have your entitlements in a number of languages, helpful should you need to show your licence at any time.

Take copies of your registration document (V5C), a letter of authority to use the bike if it is not yours, Insurance Certificate and MOT if applicable.

Make sure you have your European Health Insurance Card which are available to download from the Department of Health's website and appropriate travel insurance which covers you for motorcycling.

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