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Motoring Equipment

Ensure you comply with European Motoring Requirements by carrying the following essential items of accident, emergency and breakdown equipment.

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Travel spot Eurolites



Headlamp beam adaptors for Continental driving.

Failure to adapt your headlamps at any time, day or night, will render your vehicle unfit for use on the road and could invalidate your motor insurance.

Headlamp adjustment is compulsory in both France and Spain

GB Plate

GB Plate


A GB plate must be displayed on the rear of your vehicle, caravan or trailer in both France and Spain, unless you have Europlates.

Warning Triangle

Warning Triangle


Drivers must be able to give advance warning of a hazard on the road. Hazard warning lights alone are NOT always sufficient.

2 triangles required for Spanish registered vehicles in Spain

1 triangle required for non-Spanish registered vehicles in Spain

1 triangle required for all vehicles in France

pack of spare bulbs

Spare Bulbs


Drivers must be in a position to replace any blown exterior light. Carrying spare headlamp bulbs is recommended in France and Spain.

First aid kit

First Aid Kit


The European Good Samaritan Law requires every driver to stop and provide assistance in the event of an accident.

Fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher


The European Good Samaritan Law requires every driver to stop and provide assistance in the event of an accident.

High visability jacket

Reflective Vest


Motoring law in an increasing number of European Countries now requires all vehicles to carry a reflective vest for drivers AND passengers, for use in the event of breakdowns or emergencies.

Reflective vests for drivers are compulsory in Spain and France.

Alcohol Breathalyser

New French Breathalyser Law

£5.99 (twinpack)

The enforcement of the law making it compulsory to carry breathalysers whilst driving in France has been postponed indefinitely. Whilst the law itself is still in place the authorities have recognised problems with the supply of suitable breathalysers and will not issue fines until further notice.

We continue to recommend that you still carry breathalysers and we will inform passengers as soon as we know of a date for the re-introduction of the fines.


Failure to comply

In the event of prosecution and conviction for failure to comply with the legal requirements, the courts in all EEC countries have wide powers to impose swingeing penalties, and the arresting officers have extensive powers to impose "on the spot fines".

On the spot fines

The moment these are demanded, they have to be paid in cash, in the local currency, to the arresting officer. Credit cards or travellers cheques are not accepted.

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