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About Aragon

Aragon is made up of three different provinces (Huesca, Zaragoza & Teruel) and is a kingdom of great interests, marked by magnificent countryside and is rich in folklore.

The three provinces, from north to south vary considerably from each other.

Huesca is set high up in the Pyrénées overlooking the rich orchard lands of the river Isuela. The architecture is nicely balanced here with classical buildings blending easily with more modern structures.

Zaragoza is a relatively prosperous city and is the capital of Aragon. One of Spain's leading cities it has an impressive Roman museum and a lovely medieval cathedral.

Teruel can be found in rugged depopulated countryside and is a great discovery for the tourist. Amongst its attractions are the incredibly beautiful belltowers of its cathedral and and the churches of San Martin, San Pedro and El Salvador.

Legends abound throughout the region from Hercules and the Princess Pyrene to tales of Christian martyrs, and forbidden lovers. Aragon is home to 5 stunning cultural parks where gorgeous landscapes and fascinating cultural heritage meet - the prehistoric art at Río Martín, the wonderful architecture at the Albaraccin mountain range and the crystal caves of Maestrazgo to name just a few of the wonders on offer.

Why visit Aragon?

  • Rugged green countryside
  • Rich folklore of myths and legends
  • Beautiful and varied architecture
  • Lively traditional fiestas

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