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Asturias travel guide

About Asturias

A coastline packed with secluded sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages, gloriously green countryside, and the spectacular Picos de Europa mountains, all combine to make this a truly enchanting holiday destination.

This region boasts some of the most scenic and spectacular landscapes in Europe with its often mountainous but lush terrain and breathtaking scenery as well as some wonderful towns and historic cities like Oviedo, the capital of Asturias.

Drive into the stunning Picos de Europa mountains and visit the atmospheric Covadonga sanctuary, a famous pilgrimage site, and then take the steep hike up to the lakes for absolutely exquisite views - a great photo opportunity.

Or follow one of the many varied marked footpaths for great walks through beautiful countryside into neighbouring Cantabria whilst spotting the abundance of wildlife including birds of prey and chamois on the way. The coastline is packed with secluded sandy beaches, picturesque fishing villages and popular family resorts such as Llanes with its sheltered cove and cliff paths or the pretty old estuary town of Ribadasella which holds a famous canoe race in August. This is also a good area for golfers with some excellent and challenging courses.

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Cuisine of Asturias

Local specialities

Cabrales cheese which tastes much like stilton though a bit stronger and smellier. Casadielles, a walnut and aniseed pastry.

What's on the menu?

Fabada, a pork and bean stew that is like a Spanish version of the French cassoulet. Arroz con leche, a rice pudding made with locally farmed milk and burnt sugar.

What to drink

Sidra (a still cider) which is usually sold in specialist bars called 'sidrerias' and dispensed from a bottle at height into the waiting customer's glass - quite a spectacle!

Why visit Asturias?

  • Stunning Picos de Europa mountains
  • Coastline of secluded sandy beaches
  • Traditional and religious fiestas
  • Boat trips and water sports in the sea

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