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A beautiful coastal region of stunning white beaches and pretty coves, and lush inland areas covered in vineyards, green hills and forests, Murcia is also perfect for uncovering the secrets of ancient civilizations including those of Prehistory, the Romans and the Arabs who have all left their mark on this stunning landscape.

Murcia has 170km of spectacular coastline and the Mar Menor lagoon separated from the Mediterranean sea by a strip of sand has 73km of beaches stretching alongside the sandy bottom waters of the lagoon that is no deeper than 7m at any point. All along the Murcia coast are excellent water sports opportunities including sailing and catamaraning, kayaking, waterskiing, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing to name a few.

Inland you'll discover an area of mountains and forests full of legends with hidden castles and monasteries, fertile lands covered in vineyards, and incredible limestone caves to explore. Walk along the old mining roads or the fishermen's trails by the sea and sample some delicious cuisine wherever the road leads you with a Mediterranean diet full of succulent seafood, comforting mountain stews, and cheeses washed down with some regional wine.

Historic cities abound in Murcia, whether you visit the capital, Murcia, that was founded by the Arabs, the Mediterranean port of Cartagena with its well-preserved Roman theatre, Lorca, the city of 100 crowns, or the holy city of Caravaca. There is much historic architecture to see in Murcia including Arab medinas, castles and temples, Visigothic churches and Roman ruins.

With over 3000 hours of sunshine and hot, dry summers and mild winters, Murcia is a great place for a holiday all year round!

Why visit Murcia?

  • Spectacular coastline of sandy beaches
  • Historic cities of Lorca and Caravaca
  • The Roman theatre at Cartagena
  • Incredible caves with guided visits

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