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A region of diverse landscapes, Navarra stretches from the majestic beauty of the Pyrenees with its watefalls and lakes, to the deserts of Bardenas, through to the green pastures of the wine growing region of La Ribeira in the south, all with medieval cities and villages scattered throughout celebrating their traditional festivals and ancient legends.

Even Shakespeare thought that Navarra should be the wonder of the world (a quote from Love's Labours Lost) due to the incredibly varied landscape of this beautiful region, from the rocky mountains and white water rivers in the north to the fertile pastures and La Ribera wine growing area to the south. Spectacular gorges, rich oak forests and intriguing caves are just some of the landscapes to enjoy in a region with plenty of opportunities for those wanting to get active outside - cycling, canoeing, hiking, potholing, skiing and much more.

If history and culture are more for you, there are no end of well preserved medieval castles and monasteries to visit - not to mention the many ancient villages where the locals dress up to celebrate ancestral customs and medieval legends. The Camino de Santiago passes through Navarra, over the Pyrénées, bringing pilgrims from France into Spain. At the region's capital, Pamplona, medieval walls surround the city in one of the best preserved military fortifications in the country.

A visit to the Cave of Zugarramurdi, cut into the Pyrénées, is a must, where pagan rites and festivals were held. In the village of Zugarramurdi, the Inquisition burned several women at the stake for witchcraft and a plaque to these women can be found at the cave. A traditional meal to end the village's festivities is held here every year, where lamb roasted on stakes is served.

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Cuisine of Navarra

  • Red peppers and white asparagus
  • Famous potatoes of Aézcoa
  • Chestnuts and hazelnuts
  • Roncal and Idiazabal cheese made from sheep's milk
  • Cordero al chilindrón, a delicious lamb stew
  • La Trucha a la Navarra, fried trout with ham
  • Pacharán, which is made by mixing sloe berries with aniseed or plain liqueur
  • Full bodied red wines from La Ribera region

Why visit Navarra? 

  • Striking Bardenas Reales desert
  • Outdoor activities in varied landscapes
  • The beautiful Pyrenees mountains
  • Fiestas of San Fermin in Pamplona

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