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Surfing Beaches in Aquitaine

South West France, the Mecca for all surfers looking to ride some of the greatest waves in Europe. A really top area with great weather in the Summer and surf that regularly receives global recognition.

With majestic Bordeaux to the north and stylish Biarritz to the South, between vineyard visits and boutique shopping, there is plenty to do on those flat days - not that you'll get many! Plenty of opportunities to be had, just pull off the coast road and you are likely to find something ideal that will create rumour, debate and legend for years to come.

Recommended beaches in Aquitaine

Lacanau Ocean

A good fun surf town that hosts the Lacanau Pro annually in August. This beach break can get busy in the Summer, so if you are looking for the sun but not the crowds best to head here in June and September. It works on all tides, but is not necessarily for the novice, head to the north of the beach for a mellower ride.

Biscarrosse Plage

A top quality beach break when the going is good with strong clean waves, although does tend to close out at times. Travel over the dunes and you have a panoramic view of the beach. Plenty of sandbanks and fun to be had.

Moliets Plage

The nature of this area and the powerful swells mean that sandbars can be formed and destroyed here, which means some years you get barrel sections and some you don't. But regardless, because of the shifting nature of sand bar development there are often good left and right handers to be had. Worth hitting the smaller rivermouth for the best action.

Le Penon

The first of the world famous Hossegor breaks. Just over the dunes and you get a full view of the beach. A beach break that works on all tides in all seasons, however can be punishing when the bigger winter swells show up.

La Gravière

This heavy beach break is definitely for the more experienced surfer. Has a great hollow right hand that barrels, however has been known as a bit of a board snapper. Probably worth kicking back and relaxing on the beach with this one whilst you watch some of the world's top pros do their thing.


Certainly works in most conditions, and is worth finding a sheltered spot during the bigger swells. Has hollow rights in cleaner swells. When compared to some other beaches in the are this will suit all levels of ability.


The Grand Plage at the heart of Biarritz is definitely worth a visit. Beautiful people and a wonderful beach break make for a great trip. Gets crowded during the summer especially when there is a surf festival on. Head to the north of the beach for less crowded hollow waves.

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