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Surfing Beaches in Asturias

The coastline of Asturias takes you through some extremely breathtaking scenery, rolling green fields, sandy beaches and rocky headlands. All inviting the surfer to go and explore. Pull off of the coast road and there are plenty of secret spots and undiscovered breaks just waiting to be surfed.

Recommended beaches in Asturias

Playa de Rodiles

The region's most famous break. This is a rivermouth break that works in most conditions, but is better on a medium to low tide. The break is pretty famous for a "local's only" mentality, but with plenty of beaches in the area just waiting to be surfed there is no need to upset anyone.

Tapia de Casariego

A great setting with a long established, strong surfing community. This is a competition standard beach with both beach and fine rivermouth breaks to choose from. Definitely worth a look on a medium swell, but keep your eye on other breaks in the surrounding area.

Asturias surfing map