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Surfing Beaches in Brittany

With a rugged coastline and formed by the constant force of Atlantic storms being spat at it from the Bay of Biscay, the Brittany coast is a great place to kick off, end or indeed compliment any surf trip. Not only has it got all that you need, but it is convenient too with many of the top local breaks in easy driving distance from our ports. So whether it is a weekender or a bit longer, Brittany lends itself well to your itinerary.

The Brittany coast is by-passed by many surfers from the UK as they make their way down to the more recognisable names of South-West France. But little do they realise what they are missing...hidden gems galore. Sandy beaches together with powerful breaks form some great undiscovered experiences that will create legend. So no excuses, go explore.

Selected beaches in Brittany

La Torche

A classic beach break that work on all tides, La Torche is the Breton HQ of surfing and with that, gets pretty crowded in Summer. Avoid school holidays and weekends or just get up earlier for a dawn session. Use the rip to get out, but don't get caught out, in the bigger winter swells it can move at up to 8 knots!!

La Guidel

A consistent exposed beach and reef break that really works when a good swell heads up from the South West. Lefts and rights are everywhere, working for both the beach and the reef break. This is definitely one to look up when it is firing.

Brittany surfing map