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Surfing Beaches in Galicia

The region of Galicia is for those with a bit more time on their hands when on a surf trip. If you have the time it is a must. Beautiful green coastline, complimented by secluded beaches and rocky points encourages your average surfer. With unbroken access to Atlantic swells on the west coast and the force that is the Bay of Biscay to the north this area really is a surfer's delight.

Recommended beaches in Galicia

Playa de Pantin

A breathtaking scene, with probably the most consistent swells in Galicia, Pantin works in all conditions. Clean, steady sets in summer - wild in winter. An all out classic beach break.

De Doniños

A really popular spot among local surfers fro La Coruna. South of the beach has extremely strong rips so be very careful. North of the beach is where the action is with the best peaks and barrels forming on low to mid tides.

Galicia surfing map