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Take your pet to France and Spain with Brittany Ferries and the Pet Travel Scheme

Pet Friendly Holidays in France & Spain

Take your pet to France and Spain with Brittany Ferries and the Pet Travel Scheme.

Pet friendly holidays in France & Spain

A family and their dog eating al fresco at a gite

We feature a superb range of pet friendly holiday accommodation in France, Spain and Portgual.

Travelling with your pet

Hate the thought of leaving your pet behind? Then why not take it with you with Brittany Ferries and the Pet Travel Scheme? On board, your pet will travel in the comfort and familiarity of your car, where you can visit them during the crossing. Some sailings even offer dedicated kennels and pet friendly cabins.

Pet Travel Scheme

Brittany Ferries are approved carriers for cats, dogs and ferrets travelling under the rules of the scheme.

Benefits of taking your pet on holiday

  • Avoid the worry associated with leaving your pet behind
  • Avoid the stress of kennel accommodation on your pet
  • Save on kennel costs
  • Enrich your holiday activities
  • Quite simply because you will enjoy it and make some great memories!

Which route is right for you?

We offer the widest choice of cross channel ferries to France and Spain. If you're new to Brittany Ferries, find out which ferry crossing is perfect for you.

The perfect choice for families

Travelling with your family to France or Spain with Brittany Ferries is so easy - and far less hassle than flying.

Great rates on holiday money

Enjoy 0% commission at our UK ferry ports and competitive rates.

Booking Assistance

Our friendly team are available to assist you with your booking or any questions you may have.

0330 159 4500

Helpful check list

  • Has your pet been micro-chipped
  • Is the pet's passport valid?
  • Have you found a vet in France or Spain able to treat your dog for tapeworm?
  • Has the tapeworm treatment been done more than 24 but less than 120 hours before schedules arrival time in the UK?
  • Do you have a muzzle and have familiarised your pet with it?
  • Does your animal have water, absorbent bedding and adequate ventilation in you car for the crossing?
  • Do you have sufficient poo bags?

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