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Top 5 things to remember about the pet passport

Our top 5 things to remember when completing your pet passport

Taking your pet abroad can sometimes appear confusing, so we've identified some of the most important parts to consider about the pet passport to make travelling with your pet all the more pleasurable .

For full details on all you need for travel, be sure to visit the PETS Travel Scheme page and read the compliance checklist.

Microchip date

The date of microchipping page must be completed. It must show that the microchipping was made before the rabies vaccination date.

Laminating the right pages

For UK pet passports issued after 28 December 2014, certain sections must be covered by a laminated seal; provided in the passport.

There are 3 lamination sheets. The first, once completed, should cover the entire 'Marking of animal' page. The second and third sheets are to be used to cut out and cover the vaccination batch numbers stickers and information completed by a vet.

Rabies vaccination date

The rabies vaccination dates must be filled in and in the format dd/mm/yy. Remember, the vaccination needs to be equal to or after the date, or reading, of microchipping.

If your pet is particularly well travelled, and is now using another passport, be sure that their newest passport also shows the date of microchipping/reading to be before the date of rabies vaccination or your pet will be refused travel.

Knowing when to travel

A period of 21 clear days must have passed after the first rabies vaccination date before you start packing your bags for travel. A waiting period is not required for subsequent entries into the UK, provided rabies boosters are kept up to date.

If the vaccination is in two parts, the 21 day wait will be from the date of the second vaccination. Travel from the UK is also not permitted until 21 days have elapsed.

Tapeworm treatment

When your time away starts drawing to a close, and you're thinking of returning to the UK, it's time to pay a quick visit to the vet to get the tapeworm treatment sorted.

The treatment must be carried out between 24 and 120 hours of your scheduled arrived in the UK. Please note, this step only applies to dogs.

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Full details and regulations about the transport of dogs & cats back into the UK on the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) without putting them into quarantine.