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Travelling by ferry with your pet

The PETS Travel Scheme and Brittany Ferries

All Brittany Ferries routes are approved by DEFRA for participation in the PETS scheme. This applies only to cats, dogs and ferrets travelling between qualifying countries in the EU.

When planning your return journey on any of our routes, please give careful consideration to the timing of the tapeworm treatment for dogs.

Before travel

Before you travel, we've put together a helpful pre-arrival checklist:

• Vaccinations and certificates up-to-date
• A valid DEFRA Pet Passport (or third country certificate)
• Water and a bowl as well as any familiar toys or bedding
• An exercised and watered pooch

Please click here to view our PETS Travel Scheme compliance checklist to ensure you're fully prepared before you travel.

Don't forget to check out our Top 5 things to remember about the pet passport page for further help and guidance.

For further information, call DEFRA Helpline on 03000 200 301 or consult your vet.

Checking in

The latest check-in will be displayed on your ticket - please double check this before you travel.

Generally, when you're travelling with your pet, you must be checked in 60 minutes before departure when travelling from the UK and 90 minutes before departure when travelling to the UK.

On arrival at the check-in booth:

- We will scan your pet's chip and check that their passport is all in order.
- We will then place a sticker on your car windscreen to ensure you're parked in the right place on board - please keep this sticker in place until you've exited the port at your destination.

The animal's owner/escort will be solely responsible for the behaviour and welfare of their pet(s) at the port and on board.

During your sailing

As each one of our ships is different, our procedures may vary depending on where you're travelling to, and which ship you're travelling on. We've therefore prepared a ship specific guide for each member of our fleet. Please click on the links below to find out more:


On all of our ships, a muzzle must be worn by your dog at all times during the short transfer between your vehicle and your pet's accommodation and also at any time whilst out in exercise areas.

We kindly ask you to provide your own muzzle and recommend that you familiarise your dog with it before travelling. We reserve the right to refuse carriage if your dog is not muzzled. Your dog must also be kept on a lead at all times and under their owner's complete control.

You may find this video from the Blue Cross helpful about muzzle training.

Helpful points to note

Consider the length of the journey and how this may affect your animal. The animal must be fit to travel and we recommend that you consult your vet before the journey. Brittany Ferries cannot accept liability for any adverse reaction that your pet has to the journey or facilities provided.

Pet travel is very popular and space is limited and subject to availability. Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Important information

If any element of the PETS certification or microchip procedures should fail, we will only carry the animal if quarantine arrangements have been made, at the owner's expense. for arrival in the UK.

Passengers should please be prepared for an inspection by DEFRA upon entry into the UK, to ensure that all procedures have been properly followed and that documentation is in order. A failure at this stage could result in the pet being either re-exported or placed in quarantine (at the owner's expense).

Owners and escorts are solely responsible for being aware of, and complying with, regulations in their destination country. They should also be aware that some countries have prohibitions and special regulations regarding certain breeds of dogs, and that they may be refused entry or transit. Please contact the appropriate authorities of the countries you are travelling to and through, or DEFRA for further information.

We're unable to accept bookings:

  • On the day of departure
  • For unaccompanied pets
  • For those travelling by foot, bicycle or motorcycle
  • For rabbits

Useful external link


Full details and regulations about the transport of dogs & cats back into the UK on the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) without putting them into quarantine.