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Some of the best golf courses in Western France:
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Golf in France

Why play golf in Western France?

Challenging, memorable courses and more sunshine than home; France has many advantages for golfers. And it's all just a short drive from the top five Western French ports.

Ports in the UK:

  • Plymouth
  • Poole
  • Portsmouth

Ports in Western France:

  • Roscoff
  • St Malo
  • Cherbourg
  • Caen
  • Le Havre

Great range of golf courses

Western France has a fantastic range of courses, many set against stunning backdrops, with options for every standard of golfer.

Fair weather

Golf is best played in the sunshine and it should be no surprise that overall the further south you go, the better the weather.

South West UK: 1600 annual hours of sunshine.
Western France: 2000 annual hours of sunshine.

Something for everyone

Amongst the 67 carefully-selected courses on offer, there really is something for everyone. Here's a taste of just a few...


Has hosted The French Open on all but two occasions since 1991, and is set to be the 2018 Ryder Cup venue.

Holes: 18
Par: 72
YDS: 7323

Location: Guyancourt, Nr Paris
Nearest port: Le Havre
Distance from port: 121 miles


This challenging course includes a great deal of water and several island greens, so it might be an idea to pack plenty of balls.

Holes: 18
Par: 72
YDS: 6976

Location: Chaussée d'Ivry, Nr Paris
Nearest port: Le Havre
Distance from port: 89 miles


A beautiful coastal links course, it's a real test when the grass is at full height and a gale is blowing off the sea.

Holes: 18
Par: 72
YDS: 6931

Location: Contentin peninsula
Nearest port: Cherbourg
Distance from port: 65 miles


Surrounding a fairy-tale château, this parkland course was laid out by the legendary Henry Cotton nearly 50 years ago

Holes: 18
Par: 72
YDS: 6578

Location: Nr St Nazaire, Western Loire
Nearest port: St Malo
Distance from port: 98 miles


Its nine hole course is perfectly suited to beginners, but its 18 hole course is no pushover. 30 Minute drive from port.

Holes: 18
Par: 72
YDS: 6672

Holes: 9
Par: 36
YDS: 2893

Location: Le Tronchet
Nearest port: St Malo
Distance from port: 17 miles

D-Day 70th Anniversary

With 2014 being the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, why not take in a tour of the beaches too? The most convenient destination for golfers is Omaha Beach, which features many sites of historical importance as well as a top-quality course.


Featuring holes named after Second World War figures, this course boasts spectacular views of the D-Day landing beaches.

Holes: 18
Par: 72
YDS: 6798

Location: Port en Bessin
Nearest port: Caen
Distance from port: 27 miles


This new American-style course includes spectacular water hazards, rolling terrain and fantastic views.

Holes: 18
Par: 71
YDS: 6449

Location: Port en Bessin
Nearest port: Caen
Distance from port: 27 miles

Bayeux Tapestry

Why not stop off to see the famous 230ft long tapestry, which depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England and the Battle of Hastings?

Mont Saint-Michel

One of France's main tourist attractions, this Gothic abbey captivates the three million visitors who come to experience it every year.


Set in a 370 acre estate around a 16th century château, this course includes a family friendly resort.

Holes: 18
Par: 72
YDS: 6344

Location: Dol de Bretagne
Nearest port: St Malo
Distance from port: 23 miles

Après golf

Not only is the golf great, but Western France has so much to offer visitors. Whether it's the stunning scenery, better weather than home or rich heritage, you're sure to have an amazing time both on and off the courses.

Food and drink

You'll need to play a lot of golf to work off the gastronomic delights on offer. Brittany is famed for its seafood, ciders and beers; Normandy boasts a tempting range of cheeses; and the Loire Valley vineyards produce some famous white wines, which are the perfect accompaniment to the delicate freshwater fish caught locally.

  • Moules marinières
  • Brittany cidre
  • Camembert
  • Bordeaux red wines
  • Tourteau fromagé
  • French fries
  • Calvados
  • Rosé wines from Anjou
  • Crêpes & galettes
  • Oysters from Cancale

A course for all levels


CornouailleDes OrmesVal André

St CastLe TronchetSt Laurent

Sables d'OrI'OdetPloemeur Ocean

St SamsonVal QuevenRennes St Jacques

CabourgBrest IrioseChamp de Bataille


CoutainvilleDinardGolf Parc de Nantilly

FontenayRhuys KerverGolf National

GarcellesAjoncs d'OrSt Jean de Monts

New Golf DeauvilleLa Bretesche

Omaha Beach

St Gatien


St Julien

It's cheaper too

Golf in France is also generally much cheaper than the UK. Green fees start from just £32 and even a top international course, like the one where The French Open is held, costs from just £75 a round.

  • Green fees from just £32
  • Top international courses from £75

An experience that's well above par

With real history, great weather, reasonable green fees and an incredible range of courses, France really is the perfect place for golf enthusiasts... not to mention food and drink enthusiasts.

Any better way to golf in France? Brittany Ferries


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