5 great routes to explore Brittany off the beaten track

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Unique routes to discover the land of Brittany

Drive, walk or cycle - the choice is yours

Take your time and explore Brittany's landscape and towns at your leisure by following one of these fascinating themed routes. Visit beautiful gardens by the sea or surrounded by countryside, picturesque churches that are unique to the Breton region with their enclosed churchyards, or see the coast on a lighthouse walk.

If you feel like being more active, try the GR34 coastal route that runs all around Brittany's coastline for amazing sea views and a breath of fresh air, or cycle the greenway along the Ile-et-Rance canal from St Malo to Rennes - perfect for everyone, including those with reduced mobility.

Take a look at these great touring ideas in Brittany below.

5 inviting themed routes to explore Brittany

1. Gardens route

Stroll around 11 unique and enchanting parks and gardens along La Côte des Jardins. There's much of nature's beauty to discover in Brittany's blooming gardens - from the French-style gardens of Montmarin to the exotic garden on the peaceful Ile de Batz.
Find out more » http://www.apjb.org (website in French)

2. Churches route

Renowned for their charm and for their quaint and sometimes curious decorations, Brittany's rural enclosed churches are unique to the region and are found especially around the Monts d'Arrée. Trails and audio guides are available to download onto your mobile phone.
Find out more » www.brittanytourism.com

3. Lighthouses route

With nearly 2,000 km of coastline, Brittany has an extraordinary collection of lighthouses, most dating from the 19th century, that were great engineering achievements in their day. Now open to the public, 23 of these lonely giants stand along the coast from Brest to Les Abers.
Find out more » http://qrbrest.fr (website in French)

4. Coastal walking route

Get your hiking boots on and breath in lungfuls of that fresh sea air! Created in 1791, the footpath allowed guards to roam the coast in search of smugglers but today it's the best way to explore Brittany's rocky coves, wild marshes, and flora and fauna with all the family.
Find out more » http://bretagne.ffrandonnee.fr (website in French)

5. Cycling route

Often set out on former railway lines, towpaths and forest tracks, Brittany's greenways are reserved for non-motorized traffic - perfect for cyclists, walkers and people with reduced mobility. The 107 km route from St Malo to Rennes takes you through some of Brittany's most iconic sights.
Find out more » http://cycling.brittanytourism.com

About Brittany

Just a short distance across the Channel, Brittany is one of the most popular holiday regions in France and offers something for everyone. Along the beautiful and varied coastline of over 700 miles, you'll discover endless sandy stretches, secluded coves and rugged rock formations.

Inland there's breathtaking countryside, historic towns and quaint villages waiting to be discovered. From seaside resorts like Dinard and Benodet to ports such as Lorient, and architectural gems including the regional capital Rennes, there are plenty of places to explore.

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Why visit Brittany?

  • Welcoming Bretons and great cuisine
  • Rugged coastline and pretty beaches
  • Stunning megaliths at the Carnac stones 
  • Places of Arthurian myth and legend

Getting to Brittany

Brittany Ferries offers direct sailings into Brittany with our Portsmouth to St Malo, and Plymouth to Roscoff ferry routes.

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