A different view in an art exhibition on Bretagne

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Breton photographer, Isabelle Brunet, felt herself inspired on board our ships. So where better for us to show off her striking pictures than in an exhibition aboard Bretagne?...

It was on a sailing between Caen and Portsmouth one chilly February morning that Isabelle Brunet found her inspiration for a series of photographs now on display on Bretagne. Having spent the last 35 years travelling the world with her camera, Isabelle has spent a long time perfecting her approach focusing on dashes of colour, light, fuzziness, movement and reflections. 

And so, as she was enjoying the sunrise over the Channel that morning she picked up her camera and started taking pictures that would develop into a series as she travelled frequently on our ships in the following months.

The light and atmosphere of the winter morning was so beautiful, the air was so pure. In this magical setting, I began this series of photographs that were first carried out on the wet deck of the ship.

Capturing a unique view of what it's like to sail across the Channel aboard our ferries, we were happy to welcome Brunet aboard for an exhibition of these photographs. You'll find them on the walls of staircase A from the end of June til October.


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