A pantomime in summer? Oh yes it is!

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We're currently showing our summer panto, Cinderella, on board Bretagne so what do our passengers, and our French crew, think of it?...

It may be August, but the Christmas panto season has come early for some. Our annual summer panto is on board Bretagne from St Malo to Portsmouth and this year it's a spectacular performance of the rags-to-riches fairy tale, Cinderella. 

Performed by a cast of eight in the ship's Gwenn Ha Du bar, the panto features West End quality costumes, bespoke musical arrangements and tailor-made sets and props. Holly, aged 9, who was returning from Damgan in Brittany with her mum said the performance was "great fun and better than the film".

Our ships are staffed exclusively by French crew but almost all of our passengers going to and from the continent are Brits. So when the panto is on and you're all getting into the swing of it, you might find some of our on-board bar staff and cabin crew look a bit bemused.

"We have hosted a summer pantomime on board Bretagne for eight years and it's become very popular with passengers," said Bretagne's Captain, Hervé de Kergariou. "Over time I have learnt to understand the British concept of pantomime. But for some of my crew, particularly new members, it's a different story. It seems completely crazy to them."

It's the only show of its type on the Channel so, if you're travelling back on Bretagne from St Malo up until 4 September, make sure you grab your seats in the bar!

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