An electric adventure to Brittany

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As every electric car owner knows, range and charge points become a bit of an obsession. But now that we've had our Nissan Leaf for three years, we know that all that's required is some forward planning to make sure we get from A to B. And then back to A!

So with 30,000 miles under our belts, but still some trepidation, we booked our first foreign trip in the car, sailing on Brittany Ferries' Armorique to Roscoff for a few days.

First stop was our favourite café in St Pol de Léon for morning coffee and speedy Wi-Fi just to see what was happening in the world. We then set up the sat nav for all the places we wanted to visit, bearing in mind our handy charge map just in case we were running low on those precious 110 miles in the 'tank'.

We had already been in contact with our hotel, Le Temps de Vivre in Roscoff, which we had chosen because it had a listed charge point. A quick phone call a few days before our holiday resulted in a promise of a reserved space with access to electricity. True to form, at the end of our first day out, we were welcomed with open arms and a space reserved next to the open cellar door providing access to power for our home charger cable. Not quite what we'd expected but it certainly did the job. Le Temps de Vivre turned out to be a fabulous hotel and aptly named.

Next day, fully charged, we set off on a shopping trip to Morlaix, met friends for lunch and headed back to the ferry for the early evening sailing back to Plymouth.

So what have we learned? Firstly there will be no more trepidation. Our trip was incredibly easy and we would definitely go to France in the electric car again.

Secondly, we knew that a fast charger network isn't as widely available in France as it is in the UK at the moment, but if you plan your trip you can get around pretty much anywhere you want to. A lot of the local chargers in France are on a network and tourism offices will provide you with a card to use at supermarkets free of charge, providing you are a customer.

And finally, next time we will be more adventurous!

Neil Tugwell

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