The best islands to visit in Brittany

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For those who love the great outdoors, Brittany is an adventure playground. And some of the best spots to enjoy the open-air are Brittany’s islands. Some of the best islands in France lie off the coast of Brittany.

With the longest stretch of coastline of all the French regions, it’s no surprise that there are a huge number of islands off Brittany's coast. And several of them are open to visitors with regular boat trips out to them.

Whilst Belle-Ile is the largest and most popular island, here are some of the lesser known islands off the coast of Brittany to visit.

Gulf of Morbihan (Golfe du Morbihan)

A pretty 'inland sea', the Golfe du Morbihan  is widely known as one of the most beautiful bays in the world and is home to 42 islands, each with their own magical landscape.

The Ile aux Moines is great for hiking whilst Gavrinis is home to an ancient burial chamber from 3500 BC that is covered in ancient art. Make sure to take a boat trip around the gulf of Morbihan to discover all of the islands. 

Ushant (Ile d'Ouessant)

Enjoy a front-row seat at the best site in France for autumn bird-watching. The landscape of cliffs and inlets and its location in the Atlantic make the Ile d’Ouessant a popular spot for migrating birds from as far away as Siberia so keep your binoculars handy! It’s also famous for the native Ouessant sheep, the smallest breed of sheep in the world!

There are six lighthouses on the island - testament to the treacherous waters that seafarers have to navigate in this stretch of water. It’s a great French island that's worth exploring with plenty of nature and history to experience during your trip.

Ile de Brehat

Strolling through the Mediterranean vegetation you'll realise just how warm the microclimate of the Ile de Brehat is. Popular with walkers and cyclists as no cars are allowed on the island, there's also a glassblowers to visit if the sun goes in.

You can travel to Ile de Brehat by a short ferry journey from Pointe de l’Arcouest.

Iles de Houat and Hoëdic

The islands of Iles de Houat and Hoëdic are a pair of island paradises outside the Gulf of Morbihan. With sweeping sandy beaches and a network of footpaths, Ile de Houat is a stunning destination.

Its smaller sister island Hoëdic has some wonderful Neolithic sites to explore.

Glenan archipelago (Archipel des Glènans)

An archipelago of islands known for their sailing and diving schools, Les Glènans are located just off the coast of Finistère. Famous for the beautiful lagoon and it's white sands that are at the heart of the archipelago, the area has gained the nickname, 'the Breton Tahiti'.

A Glenan islands boat trip is a must to see all the beauty the islands have to offer, or why not take a sea kayaking trip around the archipelago to explore?

These are just some of the beautiful islands off France. Travelling to France with your car on a ferry makes exploring all France has to offer even easier! Feel inspired? Holiday with confidence with Brittany Ferries. Our 2021 selection of ferry-inclusive holidays come with free Covid-19 cover and free amendments too.

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