Cap Finistère Scrubs Up Nicely

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If you've been following our blog then you'll already know that we've been carrying out an extensive programme of modifications to three of our ships this winter and spring.

This work involves the installation of scrubbers - essentially gas filters - to Normandie, Cap Finistère, and Barfleur, allowing them to burn cost-effective heavy fuel oil, whilst still complying with new, stringent regulations applying to ships' emissions.

Cap Finistère recently returned to operation following her refit, and whether you're standing on the shore, or travelling on board, you'll notice a number of modifications and improvements. And many of them you may not notice at all.

Surely most obvious are the modifications to the ship's funnel, which were made in order to accommodate the seven huge cylindrical scrubbers which remove sulphur from the engine emissions, reducing the ship's environmental footprint. The 'new' funnel is slightly larger and more angular, and the ship's iconic wings have been removed, allowing our engineers to make crucial weight savings.

The complicated work was carried out at the Astander shipyard in Santander during a period of just over two months. Our engineering teams together with the shipyard's own workers took advantage of the ship's downtime to carry out a range of routine maintenance tasks, as well as some additional improvements both inside and out.

Formerly those who were travelling with their dogs had nowhere to sit and enjoy the outside deck with their pet. Now however, not only have we increased the size of the pet exercise area, but as you can see from the photograph you'll be able to sit back and relax in a new seating area while your dog plays!

For keen swimmers we've refreshed the pool area, which offers the perfect setting to unwind and take in the great sea views. We also added new mood lighting in the area to help improve the experience.

Many of our cabins have also undergone refurbishment including new carpets and furniture. We've also replaced every single mattress to help ensure you have a more comfortable and enjoyable night's sleep.

We've made lots of improvements, big and small, seen and unseen. We hope you'll enjoy the difference next time you travel.

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