Chris Packham talks Brittany Ferries and the Environment

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Watch the video presented by Chis Packham, Brittany Ferries environmental ambassador, showing some of the things the company does to help protect the environment...

Brittany Ferries is a company that was founded and is still largely owned by farmers based in Brittany, an area with a rich maritime history. As a consequence, we have a profound respect for the environment and a good understanding of the need to protect our scarce resources.

Helping take this message to a wider audience, the company's environmental ambassador, Chris Packham, recorded a video last summer outlining some of the things the company does to maintain its green credentials.

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Among many company initiatives, Chris talks about the work of whale and dolphin charity ORCA whose wildlife officers are based on Brittany Ferries' cruise ferries throughout the summer, which regularly pass through the wildlife rich Bay of Biscay. Keeping watch, the ORCA team carefully captures and shares data on 'cetacean' sightings, which helps with conservation of these beautiful sea creatures.

Of course, wildlife monitoring is just one of many things Brittany Ferries does to help the environment. A £60m programme is underway to transform the entire fleet into one of the greenest on the seas through the addition of exhaust scrubbers. Like a larger version of catalytic converters fitted to cars, these strip harmful sulphur dioxide from exhaust gases while also helping to cut diesel particulate emissions by up to 80%.

Down in the engine control room, we also have sophisticated computers that are used to maximise engine efficiency while, back on the bridge, the captain and his crew make best use of winds and tides to help optimise routes and minimise fuel usage.

Brittany Ferries ensures no contaminated water is dumped at sea. Just like solid waste, including plastics, glass and metals, this is brought ashore to be disposed of on land by certified waste disposal contractors. As Chris concludes during his video: "Travelling by ferry isn't just a lot more comfortable and a lot more convenient, critically it's a lot more environmentally-friendly by travelling by air."

You can find out more about our green credentials on our Environment page.

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